The battery exhibition talks about the advantages and characteristics of the die-stacking integrated machine High speed mold cutting machine

The battery exhibition talks about the advantages and characteristics of the die-stacking integrated machine

      As a deep cultivator in the field of die-cutting machines, Guangdong Yixinfeng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yixinfeng") brought its self-developed cutting and stacking machine, laser filming machine, high-speed stacking machine and other equipment to the exhibition. Taking this opportunity, Power Battery Network interviewed Wu Songyan, Chairman of Yixinfeng, to gain a deep understanding of the advantages and characteristics of the exhibited products.

Chairman Wu Songyan praised the company's products with the visitors
      According to Wu Songyan's many years of experience in the industry, it is found that the current "pain points" and "difficulties" in the field of laminators are mainly reflected in low stability, low automation, and poor consistency.(High speed mold cutting machine)

      In order to solve these "pain points" and "difficulties", Yixinfeng's self-developed high-speed laminator realizes 180-200 laminations per minute, which greatly improves the efficiency of lamination, and is in terms of stability, consistency, automation, etc. Comprehensive improvements have been made in this regard. Among them, in the aspect of automation, Yixinfeng equipment can reduce labor by more than 50%, and the cost pressure of customers is greatly reduced.

      "It has always been Yixinfeng's goal to make the efficiency and degree of automation of the stacker comparable to that of the winder." Wu Songyan said frankly that the efficiency of most stackers on the market is lower than that of the winder. There are many, but the high-speed pole piece cutting and stacking machine introduced by Yixinfeng adopts the circulating continuous feeding method with independent intellectual property rights, which doubles the efficiency; and the blockage of the electrodeless piece conveying, avoids the vacuum belt method to grasp dislocation and grasp Take the problem of damage to the pole piece.

An endless stream of visitors
      Wu Songyan went on to introduce that in terms of performance, this cutting and stacking machine can meet double-winding. The maximum diameter of the coil can reach 600mm and automatic coil change. It adopts a patented servo pulling mechanism and the fastest pulling speed can reach 60m/ min, the precision of drawing material is ±0.2mm. At the same time, the integrated equipment adopts a patented scissors cutting mechanism, which does not drop powder and has small burrs. In addition, it also has the communication function with the MES system, which realizes the binding of the pole piece incoming materials and the equipment, which is convenient for the MES system management.



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