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The advantages and uses of UPS battery power supply -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The application advantages and use of UPS power in the battery industry. UPS uninterrupted power system is important to use computers and communication equipment in computer room equipment in various industries. The battery is the core part of its core. In recent years, with the popularity of computers in my country, UPS power supply has developed rapidly in my country's market. With the continuous expansion of the UPS power supply market, the demand for batteries has also increased rapidly. This article analyzes the application advantages and use of UPS power in the battery industry.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The application advantage of UPS power in the battery industry

1. Simple maintenance: Because the gas appearing inside the battery during charging is basically absorbed and restored to an electrolyte by the polar plate, there is basically no electrolyte support. Do not recharge the equal charging of the general battery, and the maintenance is easy. (But it is necessary to check the total voltage and appearance of regular inspection)

2. Superior safety performance: When the extreme charging operation error causes too much gas, it can be released to a certain extent to prevent the battery from rupture.

3. Little internal resistance: Since the small resistance is small, the more current discharge, the better the characteristics.

4. There is excellent recovery performance after deep power release: connecting batteries and loads to long -term discharge is not good for the battery, but in case of this situation, as long as it is fully charged, the capacity will not be reduced, and it can be recovered soon.

5. High -liquid -holding: The electrolyte is absorbed in a special partition and keeps non -flow, so it can be used even if it is normal operation.

6. Large -capacity battery technology is old, and it can make thousands of ANCC batteries, which is convenient for large -scale energy storage.

UPS power supply in the battery industry several major uses

In the UPS power supply system, most of the batteries use maintenance -free battery. The important purpose of the battery in the UPS power supply system is to store electricity. Once the municipal power is interrupted, the battery discharge supply inverter, the inverter transforms the DC electricity released by the battery to a sine AC power, maintain the power output of the UPS to ensure that the load is in the load in Power consumption normally within a certain period of time.

When the municipal power supply is normal, the battery is stored in the rectifier-charging circuit, and at the same time, it is used for smooth filtering the DC circuit, and when the inverter is overloaded, it is used as a buffer.

In daily work, people often think that batteries are exempt without paying attention. However, due to the unreasonable use of batteries, the electrolytic liquid of the battery has dried up, thermal discharge, early capacity loss, and internal short circuit, which seriously affects the reliability of the power supply system. According to information, the proportion of UPS host failure or abnormal work is about 60%caused by the battery failure. It can be seen that strengthening the correct use and maintenance of the UPS battery, which is increasingly important for extending the service life of the battery and reducing the failure rate of the UPS power supply system.

The advantages and disadvantages of the UPS battery are directly related to the reliability of the entire UPS system. If users can use and maintain correctly, they can extend their service life.



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