Some knowledge about die cutting machine die High Speed Slitting Machine

Some knowledge about die cutting machine die - High Speed Slitting Machine

In the die-cutting process, it is more common for the blade to be unfavorable or the product has burrs when the die is in use.
In addition, die-cutting engineers are a little confused about the choice of die-cutting engineers, because most of the die-cutting suppliers say to die-cutting engineers, "What kind of Japanese DC53 steel do they choose for their die-cutting molds? SK-5 made an etching mold, and said how good his equipment is, etc. "This makes it difficult for the die-cutting engineers to judge what kind of knife mold is good. If the die-cutting project asks the die supplier for the life of the die, the die supplier will say "it depends on what material you are cutting, and the method used, etc.".
So now it is very important for the die-cutting process to use the value of the die-cutting tool and make the die-cutting process reasonable.
I have a little personal experience to share in so many years of work.
In terms of die material, as far as I know, the materials used by die manufacturers are the same now. In fact, depending on whether the die is good or not, mainly depends on the edge of the die.
The general way to check the blade is to judge whether the blade is sharp by touching the blade with your hand. Under normal circumstances, people think that when you touch the blade with your hand, the blade is sharp. The feel of the hand, the blade is not sharp. This is the conventional understanding of people. This is not the case. The feeling of cutting the hand when the blade is touched by hand is because there are some very small burrs on the blade. Because these burrs are very small and have very sharp points, it feels like hanging hands when touching it. , So it is particularly easy to hurt your hands. This is not a real blade. When using such a blade, you will feel that the die-cutting product is good at first. When the work reaches 1000 die, the blade will be disadvantageous. Such a blade edge is a phenomenon that a fake blade edge appears during the finishing of the knife die... all the knife dies are particularly prone to appear during machining.
So, what kind of blade is good?
   A really good blade is not without the phenomenon of fake blades. A good blade is smooth, with a blade width between 0.002MM and 0.001MM, and the side finish of the blade is RA1.0. This is just the blade part. The angle between the sharpness of the blade and the blade is also large. The conventional angle for making a die is 40 degrees for the double front. If the blade is particularly sharp, it is 30 degrees. Similarly, the smaller the angle of the blade, the weaker the strength of the die. That is to say, the service life is limited. It is very important to choose the right angle of the blade of the die and the processing requirements of the blade during the die-cutting process. If the angle of the blade is wrong, no matter how good the blade is, the only way to match the two is reasonable.



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