Rapidly shuffling the charging pile industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Rapidly shuffling the charging pile industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On July 31, Shenzhen Rongyi Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rongyi Electric") announced the company's dissolution notice, saying that due to excessive investment in research and development funds, it could not be converted into benefits in time; The company's operating financial costs are too high. The company has continued to lose money in recent years and has been unable to continue operating. The company was dissolved in accordance with the law on July 31, 2018 and entered the process.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

This isn't the first charging station company to declare bankruptcy. Since the beginning of this year, in the charging pile industry, news of bankruptcy, outage, delisting, and acquisitions have appeared from time to time.

Not long ago, Beijing Fudian Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. announced its official withdrawal from the New Third Board. At the beginning of this year, it was reported that Shenzhen Charging Network Technology Co., Ltd. had ceased operations due to a rupture. Shenzhen Wall Nuclear Materials Co., Ltd. acquired a 48.776% stake in Judian Network for RMB 8 million, becoming its largest shareholder.

Since 2014, my country has fully opened up the infrastructure construction market for pure electric vehicles, vigorously encouraged social capital to invest in the construction of charging piles, and a large number of charging pile companies have emerged as the times require.

Statistics from the "2017-2018 my country Charging Infrastructure Development Report" jointly compiled by the my country Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Charging Alliance") and other units show that as of December 2017, the number of public charging piles 214,000, an increase of 48.6% year-on-year, and 232,000 private charging piles, a total of more than 440,000.

The industry is still in the early stage of development, and problems such as high investment, long return period and unclear profit model follow. In addition to a few leading companies that have completed relatively complete and mature business layouts, some companies that are difficult to raise and continue to lose money are in an even more awkward position.

"Many charging pile companies just enter the market blindly, violating consumer demand and market rules, and more and more will go bankrupt." On August 6, the secretary of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Joint Committee said.

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Rongyi Electric was established in 2003. In 2014, it announced that it would start to build an electric vehicle power industry chain. In May 2016, Rongyi Electric changed its industrial and commercial information. The company name was changed from Rongguang Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. to Rongyi Electric Technology Co., Ltd., and its business scope was changed from hardware products, molds, chassis, microwave electronic components, etc. to the manufacturing of charging facility components.

Entering the charging pile industry, Rongyi Electric belongs to the "halfway monk", and the way of playing is quite radical.

Looking at the official website of Rongyi Electric, it was found that in May 2016, Rongyi Electric officially changed its industrial and commercial information shortly after the company started the work of listing the new third board. At that time, the company's registered capital was only 30.28 million yuan. Obviously, regarding the asset-heavy charging pile industry, Rongyi Electric hopes to attract investment and financing to develop related businesses by seizing the opportunity of the charging pile industry.

"Some small and medium-sized companies see the dividends of new energy vehicles and choose to enter the charging pile industry, which seems to be more like following the trend. They do not have mature technology themselves, nor do they have enough funds to maintain development, and they are not competitive in the market at all." One Bit charging pile operator executives said.

The above-mentioned person further stated that the demand for funds in the charging pile industry is extremely high. It is understood that the construction cost of an ordinary charging pile is about 20,000 yuan, while the construction cost of a fast-charging charging pile is more than 100,000 yuan. In addition to the cost of site rental and post-operation, a large amount of capital must be invested in a short period of time, and the cost return cycle is very long.



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