Progress of 811 power lithium battery products -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Progress of 811 power lithium battery products -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, new energy electric vehicles caught fire in many places in China, which has constantly aroused the market's attention to the safety of lithium batteries.

In the face of the high price of battery raw materials and the decline of vehicle subsidies, battery manufacturers are facing the dual pressures of upstream and terminal. 2018 was widely believed by the market to be the first year for the large-scale application of high nickel 811. However, more than half a year later, with the price of cobalt, lithium carbonate and other raw materials falling back, ternary materials have gradually returned to the market at a reasonable price, and the safety of lithium batteries has begun to return to the "vision" of enterprises.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to Xinlun's statistics, from January to July 2018, the domestic output of ternary materials was 80000 tons, of which the conventional NCM model accounted for 75.2%, the NCM622 model accounted for 17.7%, and the NCM811/NCA accounted for 7.1%.

In 2018, both the output of NCM811 and the manufacturers have increased significantly compared with last year, but the application expansion speed of downstream lithium batteries is obviously far from the market expectation.

It is not difficult to find that "C" and "B", the two major lithium battery giants in China, have not built 811 product lines this year, and both intend to start in the second half of next year.

Some time ago, foreign media confirmed from LG Chem that this year, NCM811 cylindrical batteries for electric buses will be produced on a small scale; Similarly, SKI also confirmed that the release of NCM811 power battery will be delayed.

It can be seen that the large-scale use of domestic 811 power battery is expected to be in the second half of next year at the earliest. Are you ready for ternary material manufacturers?



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