Power lithium battery market reshuffle -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery market reshuffle -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Liu Yanlong, Secretary General of China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, said that my country's power battery industry has entered a period of rapid reshuffle. From 2015 to 2017, the number of power battery supporting enterprises has dropped from 150 to about 100, and this process will be further accelerated in the future. .

In recent years, as the development of the new energy vehicle industry has entered the fast lane, the power battery industry as its core component has also ushered in a period of rapid development. According to the latest data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in my country exceeded the expected targets, completing 794,000 and 777,000 vehicles respectively, an increase of 53.8% and 53.3% year-on-year respectively. According to data from the Ivey Economic Research Institute, the decline in battery costs and the increase in cruising range requirements will lead to an average annual increase of more than 10% in the installed capacity of single-vehicle batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to relevant estimates, the total installed capacity of power batteries in my country in 2017 was about 36 GWh, an increase of more than 20%, and it is expected to exceed the 50 GWh mark in 2018. By 2022, my country's demand for power batteries will reach 210.3 GWh. Among them, passenger cars will become the absolute main application market for power batteries. By 2022, the demand for passenger car batteries will reach 68.3%.

Liu Yanlong introduced that in 2017, my country was still the world's largest battery application market, with a total battery output of 100 billion watt-hours, of which power batteries were 78 billion watt-hours. As far as the vehicle battery supporting situation in 2017 is concerned, the supporting capacity of passenger car batteries is about 3.98 billion watt-hours, accounting for 33.7%; the supporting capacity of special-purpose vehicle batteries is 8.51 billion watt-hours, accounting for 22.95%; the supporting capacity of passenger car batteries is 22.95%; The volume accounted for 39%. The application of the entire power battery industry is still dominated by lithium batteries, accounting for 99.56%, the application volume of ternary batteries is 16.56 billion watt-hours, accounting for 44.87% of the entire lithium battery supporting volume, and the application volume of lithium iron phosphate reaches 180.7% GWh. , accounting for 4948.96%.

According to relevant data, in 2017, the top 5 power battery companies in my country were: Ningde era 10.568 billion watt-hours, BYD 5.66 billion watt-hours, Waterma 2.412 billion watt-hours, Guoxuan Hi-Tech 2.048 billion watt-hours, BAK 1.655 billion watt-hours. Among them, the market share of CATL jumped to surpass that of BYD, from 20.6% in 2016 to 29.2% in 2017.

This year, the implementation of the double-point management method has brought new opportunities for my country's new energy vehicle and power battery industries. In this regard, Song Xianzhu, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, believes that this requires the joint efforts of the industry to further enhance the technological innovation capability and market competitiveness of the power battery industry.

"Intense competition in the power battery industry has prompted industry integration to continue, and the market will be further concentrated on advantageous companies." Liu Yanlong believes that we should accelerate the realization of automation, automation, and sharing of my country's battery industry with the development concepts of openness, innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing. Intelligent, accelerate the realization of my country's transformation from a battery power to a battery power. In the future, only battery companies with strong technical accumulation, sufficient financial support, rational market positioning and rapid market reflection ability will be able to take the lead and win the market.



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