Power lithium battery innovation has no boundary-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery innovation has no boundary -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Nano battery, quantum battery, sodium battery, hydrogen fuel powered lithium battery... It is not difficult to find that the technical route of power lithium battery occupies the most important part in the various technological innovations of new energy vehicles, and various top technologies are grafted in this field, showing a bright and treacherous industrial prospect, attracting technology, capital, talent and other factors to accelerate the agglomeration.

Although lithium battery still occupies the mainstream position of the power lithium battery technology route, it does not affect the continuous emergence of various innovative directions. This is because, like the engine in the era of fuel vehicles, the power lithium battery accounts for the largest proportion of the cost of new energy vehicles. It is an indisputable fact that "those who get the battery get the new energy vehicle". At the same time, lithium battery is not the ideal form of the power part of the new energy vehicles. The European Union may even list lithium battery raw materials as "substances harmful to human health". Therefore, the technology route that now dominates the mainstream is likely to be overturned. This undoubtedly contains huge opportunities for market participants of all walks of life, and everyone is trying to lead and surpass. More importantly, as the replacement of fuel vehicles by new energy vehicles becomes inevitable, the sudden opening of market space makes the future full of uncertainty. Compared with the car market, new energy vehicles now only occupy a small share. Take China's market as an example. By the end of 2021, the number of new energy vehicles in China has reached 7.84 million, but the number of vehicles in China has reached 302 million. That is to say, new energy vehicles only account for 2.60% of the total number of vehicles. In the face of such a large market space, it is impossible for any technology route to be determined to dominate in the future.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

It is precisely because of the huge uncertainty of the power lithium battery industry that the industry is full of attraction, and new industrial branches and market opportunities are constantly emerging. Taking the recent rise in the price of battery materials as an example, it unexpectedly gave birth to the rapid development of the battery recycling industry. In the past, the industry has always regarded battery recycling as the responsibility of recycling companies. In fact, efficient, automatic and intelligent recycling has a great deal to do with the structure and architecture of the battery itself. Therefore, in the initial design of the battery, including the design of the cell and battery pack, the convenience of future disassembly should be taken into account. The rapid development of the battery recycling industry has in turn promoted the improvement of the design of power lithium batteries. The industry expects that half of the battery materials will come from the recycling cycle in 2050, and in the next generation of battery recycling system, the level of intelligence and automation will be greatly improved, which can further guarantee the supply of raw materials.

Thanks to the "race" in the new energy vehicle industry, China has also occupied an industrial advantage in the power lithium battery field. In general, the global head power lithium battery companies are mainly China, Japan and South Korea, while China's power lithium battery companies occupy six seats in the top ten, and their share has gradually increased, and their competitiveness has further enhanced. Among them, CATL has occupied the top position in the world's power lithium battery shipments for many years, and the global market share of large volume benefiting from overseas customers will reach 32.6% in 2021; In 2022, the global market share reached 35.0% in the first quarter, further widening the gap with the subsequent companies.

Although the advantages are obvious, this is not a time to be complacent and complacent. The power lithium battery industry should seize the opportunity of industrial development and accelerate the expansion of innovation boundaries. With the rapid opening of the market space for new energy vehicles, its imagination space will also increase, and its innovation will have no boundary. When lower cost and more environmentally friendly power lithium battery technology appears in the future, it will overturn all our imagination about cars.



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