Performance of Lithium Titanate Battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Performance of Lithium Titanate Battery and Materials -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1. Application of lithium titanate battery in international market

At present, lithium titanate is a very special material with technical focus internationally. Toshiba, a major manufacturer of lithium titanate batteries in the world, has put lithium titanate batteries on the market since 2007. At present, lithium titanate batteries have been widely used in small electric vehicles, HEV vehicles and ISS systems.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of lithium titanate

Experts at the meeting generally believed that lithium titanate battery has the advantages of long life, high safety, fast charging and good cycling performance; However, there are also disadvantages of low electronic conductivity, gas production leading to battery expansion and high cost.

For the shortcomings of lithium titanate battery, experts have proposed many improvement plans. Professor Xia Yongyao of Fudan University proposed the method of ion doping and carbon coating to improve electronic conductivity; The problem of battery gas production was improved by surface treatment and the use of SEI membrane electrolyte additive. In addition to these two methods, Professor Hu Yongsheng of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences also proposed the method of surface nitridation. Professor Hu proved through experiments that nitrogen doped coating can enhance the surface stability and conductivity of Li4Ti5O12, because the formation of Ti-N-C on its surface is conducive to charge transfer; The constructed three-dimensional hybrid conductive network improves the deinterlacing rate of Li in the electrode.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

3. Lithium battery resources, comprehensive utilization and recycling

Professor Fan Weifeng of Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that the reserve of lithium resources is the core issue of the sustainable development of lithium batteries. Cobalt is the least abundant anode material of lithium battery, followed by nickel and manganese; The negative electrode is mainly graphite and TiO2. Therefore, when the reserves of an element are very rich, the subsequent development can be mentioned. In terms of recovery, lithium, cobalt and nickel are mainly recovered from the positive pole of ternary battery and lithium iron phosphate battery; The cathode is mainly copper, which is extracted by hydrometallurgy. But for lithium titanate battery, the electrode plate of lithium titanate battery can also be changed into lithium titanate after heating treatment. This treatment is equivalent to changing the primary plastic into the secondary plastic, and the lithium titanate recovery efficiency is higher.

4. Expert discussion

At the end of the day's meeting, it was time for thematic discussion. Experts made suggestions on how to solve the gas production problem of lithium titanate battery, which is of great concern to everyone. At present, only Toshiba Company can solve the gas production problem well in the world through material refining and strict process control with high cost; Our industry has tried many methods through experimental research, such as using high-quality nano materials, controlling moisture and controlling interface reaction; There is also a method of adding additives to the electrolyte; Some experts also pointed out that a small amount of gas production has no impact on the use, and the airbag can be set. These methods need time to be further verified.

5. Summary

The expert made a farsighted speech, and the thematic discussion was active and warm. It is hoped that this meeting can push the research on new lithium titanate battery materials and technologies in China to the track of rapid development.



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