Passenger car power lithium battery introduction-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Passenger car power lithium battery introduction -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

There is no doubt that the core component of the electric bus is the power battery, which directly affects the performance of the vehicle of the electric bus. People are satisfied or dissatisfied with the electric buses. How to use the service life, etc., what type of battery with electric bus is as attractive as today.

Passenger car power battery: safety is more important than everything

Safety should be the first essential of power batteries. The "ban" of the three yuan calm down the fanatic new energy vehicles and power battery companies and think about the development direction of power batteries. In addition to the design level of the power battery, the safety of power batteries is closely related to energy density. The higher the energy density, the greater the safety risk. Since the energy density of the ternary lithium battery group is as high as 190Wh/kg, safety experiments show that from the fire to the degeneration, it only takes a few seconds, if the electric bus with dozens of people will leave Escape time.

From the perspective of technical principles, the carbon electrodes of the technical routes such as ternary are charged when the battery is over -charged, and the surface is prone to metal lithium, and the metal lithium will pierce the diaphragm, resulting in short circuit in the internal battery, resulting in hidden safety hazards in such batteries. Compared with carbon negative materials, lithium titanate materials are difficult to form a SEI film due to high potential, avoiding fire caused by the heat of the battery. Even in the normal voltage range, the surface of lithium titanium titanium is difficult to generate lithium branch crystals, which largely avoids the possibility of short circuits inside the battery. Therefore, lithium titanate batteries are safe than other lithium -ion batteries. Improved. This is not difficult to understand why at the Tianjin Bus Exhibition, Yinlong Bus products equipped with lithium titanate batteries have been favored and recognized by people.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Phantom power battery charging: thank you all over the flowers

It is also a headache for electric bus users for too long. Generally, at least 3-4 hours of lithium iron phosphate battery passenger cars, such as bus companies, charging in the evening cannot ensure driving needs during the day. Therefore, a large number of vehicles need to be purchased. To fill in the vacancies of replenishment vehicles, coupled with the personnel required for charging, and the maintenance of increasing vehicles, this is a great cost for operating companies.

Lithium titanate batteries have given answers. Domestic companies are dedicated to the research and development and production of lithium titanate fast battery development and production. Generally, they can complete the charging in 15 minutes. Silver dragon titanate batteries can be charged faster in 6 minutes. This means that the driver master returned to the bus station to go to the bathroom to complete the charging. It really achieved "no need to wait", and also reduced operating costs for bus operating companies.

From the technical principle, the core of the fast charge technology is to accelerate the speed of lithium ions to move between positive and negative poles through the design optimization of the chemistry system. The battery of the general chemical system will have a by -product of the negative electrode when the fast charge, which affects the cycle and stability of the battery. It can only be used to withstand the negative electrode material that can withstand the fast charging large current to achieve fast charging. Quickly remove lithium underneath to complete the charge and discharge in a short period of time.

Passenger car power battery: Dream finally enters the reality

In addition to safety issues and charging speed problems, the use of a technical route, its service life and working temperature range are also often mentioned. Generally, lithium iron phosphate power battery charging discharge cycle is about 2500 to 3,000 times, while Yinlong lithium titanate batteries can achieve 25,000 charging and discharge cycles, and the service life can be up to 30 years. In terms of working temperature, the winter working effect of the general battery in the north is not satisfactory. The lithium titanium titanate battery is resistant to wide temperature and can work normally within the range of -50 ° C-+60 ° C.



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