New thin-film solar cell materials in Russia -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New thin-film solar cell materials in Russia -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The Russian President's Commission for Economic Modernization and Innovation and Development announced that the scientific researchers of the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences have developed an efficient and stable thin film solar cell based on organic semiconductor materials. The organic semiconductor material is composed of conjugated polymers and fullerene derivatives. The research project was completed with the support of the Russian Science Foundation. The results were published in the scientific journal Journal of Materials Chemistry.

In the research of creating new conjugated polymers, Russian researchers found that irregular copolymers were used, in which the monomer chain was irregularly arranged in the main chain, and the copolymers with regular structure had better photoelectric properties. Based on this discovery, the photoelectric conversion rate of the new organic thin film solar cell developed by the research team has exceeded 7% in practical application, which is superior to many similar products. Moreover, the production cost of the new thin film solar cell is low, and the commercial application prospect is broad.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The researchers conducted field application tests on several organic thin film solar cells obtained. The experimental site was selected in the Negev Desert of Israel. From the actual data obtained, the optimization of better copolymer structure can be achieved through the method of electron paramagnetic resonance. Researchers said that organic solar cells will trigger the world energy revolution, because the cost of obtaining electricity by converting solar energy with new materials is lower than the traditional way of burning fossil energy.



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