New layout of lithium iron phosphate company -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New layout of lithium iron phosphate company -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, Ningde Times announced that its holding subsidiary plans to invest in the construction of the Bangpu Integrated Battery Materials Industrial Park project in Yichang City, Hubei Province, with a total investment of no more than 32 billion yuan.

Industry analysts believe that in order to meet the upcoming terawatt-hour era, the output scale of head power lithium-ion battery companies generally moves towards one hundred gigawatt-hours. Power lithium-ion battery companies are deeply involved in the upstream layout to accelerate the integrated layout.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

drive down costs

Ningde Times said that the implementation of the Bangpu integrated battery material industrial park project is conducive to further improving the strategic layout in the lithium battery new energy industry, giving full play to the advantages of industrial synergy, ensuring the supply of battery materials, and promoting the full life cycle management of decommissioned power lithium-ion batteries. Target.

Some analysts in the industry believe that through self-construction, mergers and acquisitions or equity participation, expanding the scale of production, continuously increasing the proportion of self-supplied raw materials, and improving the utilization rate of production can reduce manufacturing costs. "Cost reduction is an important reason for the 'integrated' layout of battery companies." Wu Hui, general manager of the research department of Ivey Economic Research Institute, said in an interview with reporters, "Now the price of lithium iron phosphate is lower than that of ternary batteries, and the price of lithium iron phosphate is lower than that of ternary batteries in a short period of time. There will be a large market in the country. For example, Bangpu used to only be a precursor, and after seeing the development trend of lithium iron phosphate, it also began to deploy."

In addition, Felicity Seiko, Hubei Wanrun, Defang Nano and other lithium iron phosphate companies are also expanding the layout of lithium iron phosphate raw materials. Hubei Wanrun and Longbai Group jointly built iron phosphate and locked up upstream resources such as ferrous sulfate; Fulin Seiko invested in Hengxin Financial Planning Bureau to extract lithium from the salt lake to expand the supply chain of raw materials; German Nano built a new annual output of 200,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate Precursor Project.

"The 'integrated' layout helps to improve the production continuity and batch consistency of the company's electrode materials, conduct process and quality control, reduce overall costs, shorten supply cycles, and reduce the inventory of raw materials and semi-finished products." New Energy and Intelligence Cao Guangping, a researcher of connected cars, said.

Cross-border influx of chemical companies

A large number of chemical companies have also poured in across the border. In September, the Management Committee of Meishan High-tech Industrial Park made the first public announcement on the environmental impact assessment of Wanhua Chemical (Sichuan) Co., Ltd.'s "annual output of 50,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate lithium battery cathode material integration project". The construction content includes an annual output of 5 10,000 tons of iron phosphate, 50,000 tons of lithium iron phosphate; in addition, Xinyangfeng, Chuanfa Lomon, Chuanjinnuo, Chuanheng Co., Ltd., Longbai Group, CNNC Titanium Dioxide, Anada, Sierte and other phosphorus chemical and Titanium Dioxide Company also announced to use the by-products of its main products to build iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate material projects across borders.

Cao Guangping believes that the entry of chemical companies means that the current heat of the new energy vehicle and battery industry has formed a cross-border transmission. At the same time of vertical integration of the industrial chain, the degree of industrialization and scale has also been increased horizontally.

Some industry analysts believe that from the perspective of Wanhua Chemical's entry into the field of lithium iron phosphate, companies from across the border are further extending to the upstream in the lithium-ion battery industry chain and expanding the diversified product portfolio of lithium batteries. "Because many of the raw materials of lithium iron phosphate are chemical raw materials, chemical companies have made full use of their own advantages in raw material supply. In addition, cross-border to new energy is also a direction for them to transform and upgrade." Wu Hui said .




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