New fuel power cell's endurance increased by -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New fuel power cell's endurance increased by 10 times -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media, researchers at the University of Waterloo have developed a new type of fuel cell, which can increase the endurance of electric vehicles by 10 times compared with the current battery technology. If large-scale production can be achieved, the cost will not be too high, which can provide power for cars.

Xianguo Li, director of the University's Fuel Cell and Green Energy Lab, said: "According to our design method, the cost of new fuel cells may be equivalent to or even lower than that of internal combustion engines. The future is very bright, and it is a clean energy that may flourish."

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At first, researchers focused on the development of fuel cells for hybrid vehicles. Due to limited mileage, long charging time and other problems, hybrid vehicles are not only equipped with internal combustion engines, but also equipped with batteries. Theoretically, the current fuel cell can replace the internal combustion engine. When the hybrid electric vehicle is running, the electric generator can be used to charge the battery, but this method is too expensive and impractical.

The researchers solved this problem through a design that can make the fuel cell more durable by providing a constant but not fluctuating electricity, which means that the fuel cell that provides electricity through chemical reaction will become simpler and cheaper. Director Li, also a professor in the Department of Mechanical and Electromechanical Integration Engineering, said: "We have found a way to produce fuel cells at a lower cost while meeting the requirements of durability and performance."

Through strategic power management, researchers make each battery stack work only at a fixed operating point (such as output of constant power), and shorten its working time (operation) through switch control, and configure three fuel cell stacks of fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (FC-PHEV) in an innovative way, thus greatly improving the durability of the battery. The researchers designed a power management lag control strategy to evenly distribute the battery working time on the three fuel cell stacks and reduce the switching times. The results show that the durability of on-board fuel cells is increased by 11.8 times, 4.8 times and 6.9 times respectively in urban road, expressway and city expressway combined driving. The improvement of fuel cell durability comes from the fact that the average power demand during real-time driving only accounts for a small part of the maximum power that FC-PHEV can provide, while significantly improving the durability can reduce the transition design of fuel cells, thereby reducing costs.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The researchers hope to launch fuel cells in hybrid vehicles, which can achieve mass production, thereby reducing production costs. By providing a cheap, safe, reliable and clean electric energy, it will pave the way for fuel cells to completely replace batteries and internal combustion engines.



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