New energy vehicles drive the car market to rise-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New energy vehicles drive the car market to rise -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

After the adjustment of subsidy policies, the development of new energy has shown a steady and continuous upward trend. In September, the retail growth of traditional fuel vehicles was - 14%, and the wholesale growth of new energy vehicles was 70%. New energy vehicles have become the core driving force driving the growth and increment of the car market.

In September, the sales volume of new energy passenger cars in a narrow sense was 95000, up 68.6% year on year and 14.9% month on month; From January to September, the cumulative sales volume was 600000, with a year-on-year growth of 98.5%.

Class A electric vehicles are growing rapidly, and the proportion of Class A00 is declining, but its position as the leader is still stable

In September, there were 28000 A00 electric vehicles among pure electric vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 15%, accounting for 39% of pure electric passenger vehicles, a decrease of 35 percentage points compared with July 2017. The A-class electric vehicles in September increased by 252% year on year and 2% month on month, making it the largest vehicle type in the pure electric passenger vehicle market. The performance of A0 class electric vehicles in September was basically the same as that in August, with a sharp year-on-year increase of 297%, and the month on month performance was stable. The pure electric C-class car market increased by 60% month on month (MoM) in September due to the increase of sales volume of Weilai ES8.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

A00 electric vehicle Chery's eQ sales reached the top of the pure electric vehicle market for the first time in 2018

The A00 class Chery eQ electric vehicle grew by 15% month on month, with a cumulative sales volume of 32336 from January to September. The performance of BYD Yuan of A0 SUV in September was still excellent, ranking the runner up with the result of 5008 SUVs up 12% month on month. The e5 from BYD also follows. In addition to Chery eQ, the A00 vehicles of JAC IEV6E, BAIC EC Series and Jiangling E200 have shown strong performance this month, increasing by 7%, 30% and 151% month on month respectively. The newly launched Qin ProEV sold 1003 vehicles in September. The sales volume of Weilai ES8 was 2079, up 60% month on month, and the cumulative sales volume reached 4706.

Chery eQ1

Chery new energy vehicles achieved leapfrog growth in sales thanks to a series of breakthroughs in core technologies, including lightweight all aluminum body, battery, electric drive system, etc. For example, Xiaoant eQ1 has the internationally leading super lightweight body technology, and the application proportion of magnesium aluminum alloy in height and strength of the car is more than 90%; Eryzer 5e is developed based on M1X platform, equipped with Chery's second generation EV pure electric power system, and its operating range exceeds 300 kilometers. As a city courtesy car, the 300 endurance mileage can be said to be at ease.

Domestically made medium and large pure electric SUV headstock Weilai ES8

The 13th pure electric vehicle ranking in September

As of September 30, 2018, Weilai has delivered a total of 3368 high-performance electric seven seat SUVES8, including 3268 in the third quarter of 2018. In addition, in September 2018, the monthly delivery volume of Weilai was 1766 units, an increase of about 58% over the previous month. In the new energy sector, it can be regarded as a clean stream.

Why is Weilai ES8 so fascinating?

Li Bin said at the scene that Weilai Auto has two major concepts, one is high performance, the other is home level riding experience. Therefore, the highlights of ES8 are all around these aspects.

1. Sports car level accelerated braking performance

Therefore, the performance of ES8 is really good. Its 0-100km/h acceleration performance is 4.4 seconds, and the braking distance from 100km/h to 0 actually reaches 33.8m.

For electric vehicles, the acceleration is fast because the motor can release all the torque in a moment, so it is not too surprising that the 4.4 second brake system is used. However, due to the use of four sets of brake systems from Brembo, the manufacturer of the most popular brake system, the brake system has reached 33.8 meters, which is the data of supercars. For ordinary SUVs, it is about 39 meters, and for high-performance SUVs, it is about 36 meters. As an electric vehicle, ES8 is equipped with a 70Kwh battery, which can last 355km under NEDC working conditions (comprehensive road conditions) and 500km under constant speed of 60km/h.

2. Home level riding experience

Li Bin once teased on the spot that many families are women who control financial power, so taking good care of the co driver can let users buy a car. The queen's car has advanced functions such as ventilation and heating. It also includes a foot rest and a large space for bags under the center console. When using it, the co pilot can put the seat down and stretch his feet on the foot rest, which is similar to the experience of first-class airplane. Li Bin was joking on the spot. In many families, women hold the financial power, so taking good care of the co driver can let users buy a car.

In fact, the focus is not only on these, but also on NIOPilot automatic driving assistance, NOMI on-board AI system, switching technology and flexible service system.

Undeterred hegemony - BYD

BYD sold 45029 new cars in September this year, an increase of 38% over the same period last year. Among them, the sales volume of BYD's new energy vehicles in September reached 25019, a year-on-year increase of 121%, and the cumulative sales volume of new energy vehicles exceeded 420000.

In terms of model segmentation, in September this year, the new generation of Tang sold 10435 new cars, and the cumulative order exceeded 30000. At the same time, the sales volume of BYD SONG MAX in September was 10009 vehicles, which has exceeded 10000 in a single month for 11 consecutive months. The monthly sales volume of the new Song Dynasty is 6303; The monthly sales volume of RMB EV360 is 5008; Qin's monthly sales volume is 6076 vehicles.

The new product planning and the implementation of electric future strategy have made BYD hit a higher sales target. Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., once said that in 2018, the sales target of BYD's new energy vehicles is 200000. At the same time, the global coverage of cities will be expanded from 200 to 400, further promoting the popularization of new energy vehicles worldwide. At the same time, in order to solve the pain points of new energy owners, BYD will add 30000 charging supporting facilities next year, form a more convenient and perfect charging service network, and provide users with exclusive services.


Under the continuous guidance of national policies, new energy vehicles are gradually becoming the core force in the development of the car market. Micro hybrid, oil hybrid, plug-in hybrid, pure electric and other low fuel and even non fuel consumption models are constantly emerging, and the status of traditional gasoline vehicles is also being eroded. With this "green wave", green travel has been pushed to the top. When can the traditional car market be really engulfed and cleaned up? I think the waiting days may not be too long.



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