New energy vehicles drive battery development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New energy vehicles drive battery development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery manufacturers have explained detailed explanation of new energy vehicles prosperity to drive the future development of lithium -ion batteries. In recent years, the "wind mouth" on the new energy bus station has ushered in an explosive rise, and the production and sales volume has repeatedly reached a record high. However, on the road to high -speed expansion throughout the industry, power lithium -ion batteries, known as the "heart" of new energy vehicles, have also risen. With the global economy's general hovering, lithium -ion battery manufacturers have explained in detail the continuous rise and prosperity of new energy vehicles to drive the future development of lithium -ion batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The development of new energy vehicles drives the increase in the output of lithium -ion batteries

The sales of new energy vehicles have increased year by year, and the demand for lithium ion batteries is also expanding. Driven by national policies, new energy vehicles have broad development prospects, and lithium -ion batteries, as core components, also ushered in a great opportunity for development. In the next few years, the maximum motivation of the rising scale of the lithium -ion battery market will undoubtedly come from the electric vehicle market.

It is understood that battery suppliers are accelerating the production of lithium -ion batteries to meet the increasing demand of new lithium -ion batteries on new lithium -ion batteries. Data show that in February 2019, the total batteries supplied by battery suppliers have increased from 922 billion kWh to 965 billion kWh, an increase of 4%in just one month. It is speculated that the battery supply will increase by 50%throughout the year.

In the field of lithium ion battery, equipment investment should account for more than 2/3 of fixed asset investment. The global battery manufacturing equipment industry may exceed 11.7 billion US dollars in 2011, and the domestic market has also risen accelerated. In the past 5 years, the average equipment demand has increased by more than 100%per year. The technical level of domestic lithium -ion battery equipment is facing the historical opportunities of rapid development.

New Energy Industry Chain Lithium ion Battery Company Welcome opportunities

Lithium -ion battery companies face the dilemma of insufficient upstream raw materials and rapid costs. The most important lithium carbonate in lithium -ion battery raw materials has been speculated by the market, making the price quickly upstream, and the increase in six months has reached double. Lithium carbonate accounted for more than 50%of the cost of lithium -ion batteries, and the price of lithium carbonate was twice as much as the price of lithium carbonate, and the total cost of lithium -ion batteries increased by 20%accordingly.

Insufficient supply of upstream raw materials and the development of new energy vehicles have increased market demand, which has led to the rise of lithium -ion battery prices. In addition, human factors cannot be ignored. The spot of ion batteries rose sharply. Familiar people should understand that lithium carbonate is an important raw material for lithium ion batteries. Through this direction, industry professionals expect that the sales of new energy vehicles will be further increased, and lithium ion batteries may enter the stage of supply and inadequate supply, lithium -ion battery production industry The effectiveness will continue to rise. Domestic lithium -ion battery manufacturers must make corresponding countermeasures in the face of new trends. Industries related to lithium ion batteries will also change. Industrys like diaphragm and filter paper will benefit a lot, and drive to a new height driven by new energy vehicles.

At present, the important difficulties encountered by the localization of lithium -ion battery equipment are: the domestic manufacturing industry is weak, the foundation parts are poor, and some companies blindly pursue low cost, reduce the quality and reliability of the equipment, form vicious competition, and lead to domestic equipment The decrease in trust has caused some companies to lose patience with domestic equipment and turn to foreign countries; while foreign equipment is difficult to meet the needs of battery manufacturing in terms of upgrading and independent innovation in the manufacturing process. This status quo not only causes waste of funds, but also affects the development of the industry. This is the most worrying issue for my country's lithium -ion battery manufacturing industry.



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