The introduction of new energy vehicle insurance Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New energy vehicle exclusive insurance introduced -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Data show that from 2013 to 2017, the number of new energy vehicles underwritten by the insurance industry increased by an average of 78.6% annually. In 2017, the scale of premiums reached 10.16 billion yuan, a growth rate of 50.4%. However, at present, there is no special new energy vehicle insurance in the market. The insurance coverage standard is completely applied to traditional gasoline vehicles, and some existing insurance items are not applicable to new energy vehicles, which makes the current situation quite embarrassing.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In order to solve this problem and drive the domestic insurance industry as a whole to keep up with the development of new energy vehicles, Guo Hong, deputy secretary-general of the my country Insurance Industry Association, said that an exclusive insurance product for new energy electric vehicles is expected to be introduced within this year.

According to the plan, the Insurance Industry Association of my country will launch the first version of the model insurance product before the end of the year. Carry out targeted development of insurance methods. Especially for the power lithium battery part with high risk factor and high cost, whether the main body of battery insurance in the future is an automobile OEM, a battery supplier or a product user needs to be further studied and determined.

After the announcement, major insurance companies in the market can customize their insurance products according to the first version of the model method, and consumers can enjoy this exclusive insurance as soon as 2019.



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