New development of lithium titanate battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

New development of lithium titanate battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium titanate battery has once again gained the favor of capital. At the beginning of 2017, lithium titanate battery technology seems to usher in the spring of development.

On February 20, Jingwei Co., Ltd. announced that it will jointly invest 2 billion yuan to produce lithium titanate batteries with Hong Kong Zhengdao Group Co., Ltd. and other four parties. This is another investment case in which capital invested in lithium titanate batteries after Dong Mingzhu joined hands with CIMC Group and Beijing Yanzhao Huijin International Investment to invest in Zhuhai Yinlong.

Chen Chang, a senior analyst at the Lithium Battery Research Institute (GGII) of the Advanced Industrial Research Institute, said that at present, the state has given clear subsidies to fast-charging passenger cars, and the development of fast-charging technology will accelerate in 2017. With the large-scale application, the price of lithium titanate batteries has dropped significantly, and the energy density has increased. The subsidy is enough to make up for the high cost of lithium titanate. With the advantages of fast charging technology, lithium titanate batteries will have a certain space for development.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Jingwei shares layout of lithium titanate

According to the announcement of Jingwei Co., Ltd., the other three units involved in the investment are Ningbo Fenghua District People's Government, Hong Kong Zhengdao Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhiyun Asset Management Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned units will invest 2 billion yuan to establish "Ningbo Jingwei Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.", which mainly produces lithium titanate batteries. Among them, Jingwei shares subscribed for 540 million yuan, holding 27% of the shares.

According to the data, Jingwei Co., Ltd., whose full name is Beijing Weikawei Auto Parts Co., Ltd., was established in 2002. It is a Sino-German joint-venture integrated manufacturer and integrated service provider of interior and exterior trim systems for passenger cars. At present, the company's main business has expanded to four major areas: interior and exterior decoration, automotive electronics, intelligent equipment and new energy vehicles.

Prior to this, Jingwei has invested in the field of new energy vehicles for many times. In November 2015, Jingwei shares invested and established Changchun New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. to enter the field of new energy vehicles. Then it acquired a 48% stake in Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Wuzhoulong is the earliest vehicle company engaged in the R&D and production of new energy buses in my country. In addition, Jingwei shares also spent 1.05 billion to purchase a 35% stake in Jiangsu Kawei Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

In the cooperation of the four units, Zhengdao Group owns the battery technology, and the investment ratio is 9%. The company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and its main business includes new energy buses and batteries. According to the company's information, the graphene polylithium titanate battery developed and produced by Zhengdao Group can meet the charge and discharge conditions of 10C, and can be fully charged in 6 minutes. Under the condition of 100% DOD charge and discharge, the cycle life exceeds 40,000 times.

However, according to industry insiders, Zhengdao Group mainly purchased lithium titanate batteries from Beibei Aotai Nanotechnology Co., Ltd., and Beibei Aotai was later acquired by Zhuhai Yinlong. It remains to be verified how Zhengdao Group's lithium titanate battery technology is.

In addition, according to the financial report, Zhengdao Group lost 421 million Hong Kong dollars, 356 million Hong Kong dollars and 137 million Hong Kong dollars in 2014, 2015 and the first half of 2016 respectively. At the same time, Zhengdao Group's lithium titanate battery only achieved revenue of about HK$5.3 million in the first half of 2016.

Fast charging opportunities for lithium titanate

Lithium titanate battery technology has attracted the attention of the world because of Dong Mingzhu's insistence on Zhuhai Yinlong. It is understood that the advantages and disadvantages of this battery technology are equally prominent.

According to Chen Chang, the advantages of lithium titanate batteries are that they can achieve fast charging and have a long cycle life. Among the battery materials that have been mature and can be applied, the safety performance is the best. The biggest shortcoming of lithium titanate is its low energy density, which is currently expensive because it has not been mass-produced.



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