Mass production of high-quality graphene film -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Mass production of high-quality graphene film in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The way to prepare graphene by CVD technology has been passed, and the whole team is still immersed in the joy of success. Just when everyone thought they could go to the celebration dinner, Dr. He Limin put forward new requirements to the team members: "The graphene film has been made, but now many universities and team laboratories can do it. What we need to do next is to do what they have not done. We need to do large-scale, high-quality, engineered graphene production! Only in this way can graphene materials really take a critical step towards application!"

He Limin's firm and simple language undoubtedly gave us a shot in the arm.

If it is difficult to prepare graphene by CVD, it is even more difficult to make the micro graphene macro. How is the process controlled? How to design the mold? Can large films grow continuously? Whether large-scale graphene can be completely transferred... This is a problem for He Limin and his team. In order to solve these problems, he records the parameters on site during each production process and observes the whole production process by the equipment. For a small parameter change, he will review and verify it with various tests.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

After many days and nights and countless experiments, the team members gradually became frustrated because they could not solve the problem of continuous growth. As the core and leader of the team, He Limin encouraged everyone again and again, reviewed a large number of documents, consulted and learned from senior people in the industry, developed new experimental ideas and designed new experimental schemes.

At the end, the team finally received exciting news: 200mm × The 200mm large size graphene film has finally been successfully prepared! The performance test results are excellent! This breakthrough in size marks the beginning of the engineering preparation of graphene membrane, and is a heavy touch in the history of graphene material development! The success of this experiment further strengthened Dr. He Limin's determination and belief in the engineering preparation of graphene membranes. He believed that the low-cost, large-scale preparation of graphene membrane was not a dream, but an important part of the application of graphene materials, with huge market and social benefits!

200mm × The 200mm large size graphene film was successfully prepared for the first time in China, but Dr. He Limin did not dare to relax for a moment. He realized that for industrial applications, such a scale of production was far from meeting the market demand, and it must start from all aspects, such as cost, preparation difficulty, etc., to make it truly fall into the application of all walks of life. Therefore, after the completion of the preliminary research work, he continued to carry out research work in terms of expanding the size, improving the quality, increasing the output, using domestic copper foil, continuous roll production, etc., and finally thoroughly pulled the preparation of graphene film from the altar.



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