Market determines the lithium battery route -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Market determines the technical route of power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The first high-end forum of the China Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Conference with the theme of "new ecology of industrial development" was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Zhang Tianren, Chairman of Tianneng Group, said that the technical route of power battery should be decided by the market.

The power battery was first proposed in 1998 in China, which coincided with the two ups and downs of electric bicycles. Since then, Tianneng Group has begun to invest in battery research and development. It is the first enterprise in China to produce batteries in batches, and also the first enterprise in China to use batteries for electric bicycle power. After more than ten years of efforts, the batteries produced by Tianneng Group have been successfully applied to electric vehicles.

Zhang Tianren believes that the backward battery technology and management system are the biggest obstacles to China's new energy vehicle industry, leading to the slow development of the entire industry. Although the development of new energy vehicles in China, especially electric vehicles, has made some achievements, the key to truly synchronize with the world is to work hard on power batteries and management systems.

Regarding the technical route of China's power battery, Zhang Tianren believes that it should be decided by the market and consumers. China's national conditions determine the diversity of consumption levels, and the demand for low-speed traffic market is huge. Moreover, lead battery is a sustainable industry with mature technology, low price, good safety performance and recycling. At present, among the domestic battery manufacturers, except Tianneng Group, Chaowei Group and Fengfan Co., Ltd. are well developed and occupy a large market share. Therefore, the technical route of power battery should not be limited to one type of battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Lithium ion battery is the development direction of power battery in the future. After more than ten years of development, the life, price and safety of lithium-ion batteries have been improved qualitatively, which fully meets the needs of the development of medium and high-speed electric vehicles in China.

Zhang Tianren said that technical innovation is an eternal requirement for both lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. To achieve the healthy and rapid development of China's new energy automobile industry, it is necessary to break through the existing technical route, extend up and down the power battery industry chain, from upstream enterprises such as raw materials, diaphragms, electrolytes, and cathode materials to downstream automobile enterprises.



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