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"Power lithium batteries are moving towards the era of solid state. The combination of sulfur compounds and polymers is still more promising, but I always feel that it has come step by step to develop from quasi -solid state to solid state." Wu Feng emphasized.

"By 2020, the country's indicator of the energy density of power lithium -ion batteries is 300WH/KG. my country's power lithium battery company urgently needs innovation and development. With the decline of state subsidies, the battery industry will face a new round of shuffling." my country's Institute of Engineering Academician Wu Feng judged.

In terms of technological progress, by 2020, the country's indicator of the energy density of power lithium -ion batteries is 300WH/KG. Today, some battery companies have initially reached this indicator and further improved comprehensive performance. At present, the Beijing Institute of Technology ’s Wufeng team is constantly improving from battery materials to battery systems and technical research on new materials.

In terms of positive material materials, it focuses on the development of a new generation of high -enabled lithium -ion battery positive materials on the lithium -rich manganese -based materials.

"Peking University and other units have made breakthroughs in the research of Gaobi Rongfu Lithium Manga -based materials. Our team design in bionic membranes, improves material stability through interface protection, builds a selective lithium ion channel, and improves the performance of the material multiplier. A series of studies. "Wu Feng said.

In terms of new types of negative materials, the team conducted an attempt of non -collective fluid and non -adhesive electrodes. It can supply more electrified degree points to increase the electrode -ratio capacity.

In terms of lithium sulfur battery positive materials, it uses the dual "Ferchel esterization" module to assemble the method to assemble the decentralized conductive carbon into an ellipse -shaped micromine super structure, which significantly increases the sulfur load of the pivot unit area. The battery is the battery. Energy density reaches 545Wh/kg.

In terms of the safety of power lithium batteries, the team starts from the material, including the development of temperature -sensitive electrodes, ceramic high -strength diaphragms, and safety electrolytes, which significantly improve the safety of the battery. A new generation of gel solid electrolyte based on nano -TiO2 and ionic liquid has also been developed, which has high room temperature conductivity and significant safety (1300 ℃/60s non -burning).

In terms of system security, based on the identification and control concept of the battery safety threshold boundary proposed, a mathematical model of the relevant safety state has been established. By establishing this mathematical model, the quantitative safety can be displayed in real time on the electric vehicle instrument panel. Provide a visual safety warning to the driver.

In terms of power lithium battery recycling and re -use, we have developed natural organic acid green and high -efficiency recovery technology. The immersion rate of cobalt, lithium, and nickel has reached more than 92%. The recovered materials are made into a positive electrode and met the requirements of the positive electrode material, which forms an internal cycle to recover the recycling of the positive pole material from the abolition positive pole.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In terms of external circulation, like the negative electrode of waste batteries, due to the low price of carbon, the team recycled carbon recycling into carbon absorbers, which can be used to adsorb phosphorus, up to 588mg/g. In the lake water with severe phosphorus pollution, it can solve sewage, and then put the resolved phosphorus adsorbent into the soil as a phosphorus fertilizer slow -release agent to form an outer cycle because this demand is also very large.

Wu Feng believes that in terms of the development of power lithium battery technology, it is important to gather in the future to improve safety, increase energy, and improve life and control costs. Of course, life and costs are also closely related.

In terms of high -bearing positive materials, low cobalt is currently a major trend. Lithium -rich manganese base is an important positive electrode material for the next generation of high -energy lithium ion batteries, because in research, it is found that in this system, oxygen participates in the reaction, that is, from single electron to multiple electronic reactions, for lithium ion battery, for lithium ion battery The significant increase in energy density supplies the material foundation.



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