Lithium battery brand self-built factory -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery self-owned brand self-built factory -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Since 2017, the reshuffle of the power lithium battery industry has accelerated, and the market will further concentrate on advantageous companies in the future, and small and low-level power lithium battery companies will be eliminated in the competition. Therefore, the point of view of further strengthening the synergy between industry and companies has become the core of field development.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

On July 1, Shenzhen Waterma Battery Co., Ltd. put a "resignation" leave. Insufficient orders, financial difficulties, and production line shutdowns in most regions. It can be said that this leading power lithium battery company, which ranked third in the domestic market share in 2017, has basically "sacrificed" now.

The highlight moment of the top player Waterma in the review comes at a time when the field of power lithium batteries is going through crazy expansion, mergers and reorganizations, and market changes with stronger players. The entire power lithium battery industry has entered the fast lane of development, the global power lithium battery industry competition pattern is being reshaped, the industry reshuffle is accelerating, and the market share of leading companies has gradually expanded and has become a "unicorn".

Represented by the top player Waterma, nearly one-third of the players in the power lithium battery market have disappeared in more than two years. It is understood that there were 155 power lithium battery companies in my country in 2016, and this number dropped to more than 130 in 2017. As of June 2018, there were only 105 "surviving" companies left in the market.

On June 27th, at the site of the Qinghai Provincial People's Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the "my country (Qinghai) Lithium Industry and Power Lithium Battery International Summit Forum", Luo Huan, President of the Advanced Industrial Research Institute Tower predicts that the industry will reshuffle faster in the next three years.

The reason is that when the overall competition pattern of my country's power lithium battery market has not yet been formed, the maturity of battery energy density, fast charging technology, and manufacturing technology is not high, and there is even a phenomenon of tight supply and excess production. The data shows that the output of power lithium batteries in my country has exceeded 200GWh in 2017, but the overall output utilization rate is only 40%. The polarization of the market is very obvious. Structural excess production. Huang Shilin, vice chairman of CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., predicted that the overproduction of power lithium batteries may continue beyond 2020.

In such an industry with heavy assets and high requirements on the speed of technical iteration, once the customer cannot provide dividends for the next technological upgrade of the power lithium battery company, the players on the field are likely to fall into the dilemma of insufficient stamina. In the next three years, whether the company can develop correspondingly in terms of improving quality and reducing costs will determine its own survival to some extent.

Obviously, the market will be further concentrated on dominant companies in the future, and small and low-level power lithium battery companies will be eliminated in the competition. Therefore, the point of view to further strengthen the synergy of the industry and the company has become the unanimous voice of many speakers.

Zhang Hailiang, chairman of Zhejiang Dianka Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., believes that power lithium battery manufacturers should be involved from the front end and OEMs should participate in R&D and design, so that battery manufacturers can fully understand the supporting needs of OEMs; OEMs should put aside The inherent relationship between OEMs and suppliers has turned into close cooperation partners to jointly promote the iteration and evolution of battery technology.

As a high-tech emerging industry, the innovation and development of the power lithium battery field involves the collaboration and cooperation of many interdisciplinary disciplines and industries, and only emphasizing the development of a single main body of the power lithium battery can no longer meet the needs of the current industry. Lin Mi, executive deputy general manager of Yundu New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., proposed that, from the perspective of OEMs, in order to cope with the coming subsidy-free era and deploy in the global market, vehicle companies and battery companies should further strengthen Cooperation.



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