Lithium battery related standard opinions -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery related standards soliciting opinions -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Today, the National Automobile Standardization Committee announced on its official website the draft for comments on the recommended national standard for automobiles, "Specifications and Dimensions of Power Battery Products for Electric Vehicles", which was organized and revised by the Electric Vehicle Sub-Standard Committee.

According to the draft, under the condition that the industry specifications for automotive power batteries are gradually being improved, the specifications and size standards for power lithium batteries for electric vehicles have been proposed again. Regarding the new energy vehicle industry, which has been affected by the recent scandal of cheating, although this standard is only a recommended national standard, it strictly regulates the information such as the installation size of power lithium batteries and prevents multiple batteries from being installed.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

After the promulgation of relevant standards, it will work with the relevant catalogues involved in the "Automotive Power Battery Industry Specification Conditions" to strictly regulate the power lithium battery industry companies, and through continuous industry guidance and standard construction, try to avoid electric vehicle power lithium batteries as much as possible. Safety and longevity conundrum.

On June 20 this year, the company catalog (the fourth batch) that met the "standard conditions for the automotive power battery industry" was announced. So far, according to Tramway statistics, there are 57 power battery and battery system companies that meet the conditions and have entered the catalog. Among them, there are 56 power battery companies and 1 battery system company.

Since this batch of catalogues is the first batch of catalogues after the announcement of the "Power Battery Industry Standard Conditions" for the selection of the battery company and the new energy vehicle subsidy catalogue linkage work notice, in order to ensure that the new energy vehicle products carried by the company's products smoothly pass the acceptance and The application for the subsidy catalogue has also become the most competitive one.



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