Lithium battery company expands production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium battery company expands production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Since the beginning of this year, the pace of investment and expansion of power lithium-ion battery companies has never stopped. The invisible driving force behind this comes from the unexpected development of the new energy vehicle market.

However, under the circumstance that the global new energy vehicle market is getting bigger and bigger, the global competition pattern of the power lithium-ion battery industry is also quietly reshaping. Some industry insiders said that the development of global power lithium-ion battery companies is inseparable from the complete supply chain of the Chinese market. In the future, the cost advantage will become a major competitiveness of my country's power lithium-ion battery companies.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Expansion not only

Head companies enter the "decisive battle track"

When it comes to the expansion of power lithium-ion battery companies, we have to mention the Ningde era. As an industry leader, CATL has been making continuous moves in terms of production expansion. This year, CATL announced a number of expansion projects, including the first phase of the Zhaoqing project with a total investment of no more than 12 billion yuan, the fifth or sixth phase of the Yibin project with a total investment of no more than 12 billion yuan, and Times FAW with a total investment of no more than 5 billion yuan Expansion projects, Times SAIC expansion projects with a total investment of no more than 10.5 billion yuan, etc. In addition, CATL has established nine production bases globally, including Ningde in Fujian, Liyang in Jiangsu, Xining in Qinghai, Yibin in Sichuan, Zhaoqing in Guangdong, Lingang in Shanghai, Xiamen in Fujian, Yichun in Jiangxi, and Germany.

Giants move frequently, and other companies are not idle. According to incomplete statistics, in the past month, a number of power lithium-ion battery company expansion projects are underway. For example, on October 23, the Changxing new energy battery production base project with a total investment of about 6.7 billion yuan by Gateway Power started; on October 27, the Yiwei Lithium Energy 50GWh power storage battery project settled in Chengdu; in October On the 29th, the 22GWh power lithium-ion battery project invested by Honeycomb Energy of 10 billion yuan settled in Yancheng... In addition, there are also many battery production projects from companies such as AVIC Lithium Power and Lishen Battery.

"Whether these power lithium-ion battery companies can successfully expand production, there are two important points: one is whether there is demand in the market, and the other is whether the company has funds." Reporter said in an interview.

In an interview with a reporter from my country Automobile News, Yu Qingjiao, secretary general of the Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance and chairman of the Battery Hundred People's Association, pointed out that this round of production expansion is a decisive battle for leading companies, and most of these leading companies are listed companies. . "The financing environment of these listed companies is relatively good, and the bank's support is relatively strong."

Driven by the market

Development still needs to pay attention to the Chinese market

The reasons behind the expansion of power lithium-ion battery companies mainly include two aspects. One is that the industry is optimistic about the rising trend of the electric vehicle market in the next 10 years. Mainstream traditional car companies including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, and Hyundai are actively transforming, bringing a huge market to the power lithium-ion battery industry. Domestic independent brands, whether traditional car companies or new car manufacturers, are also actively making efforts to electrify. Wu Hui pointed out that since 2021, the monthly sales of new energy vehicles have exceeded market expectations. By 2025 or 2030, the penetration rate of electric vehicles in the entire new energy market will greatly exceed expectations. The second is that the effective output of the entire power lithium-ion battery market has been in short supply this year.



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