Lithium batteries become a competition -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium batteries become the object of competition -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

After CATL received a 4 billion euros procurement letter from BMW last week, on July 17, CATL announced that it had officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BMW Brilliance, including that BMW Brilliance would pay an initial advance payment of 2.85 billion yuan to the company. Long-term purchase of specified models of power lithium battery products.

At present, CATL has established cooperative relations with a number of brand vehicle companies and established joint ventures. According to CATL's half-year performance forecast, thanks to the release of production and rising market demand, the company's non-net profit in the first half of the year increased by 31.43% to 39.56% year-on-year.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Zhang Xiang, an independent auto consultant, analyzed the reporter of Securities Daily that the cooperation between BMW Brilliance and CATL reflects the development trend of the new energy industry. While occupying the advantages of technology and brand, CATL has accurately positioned the development trend of the power lithium battery industry, and has rapidly developed into the world's largest battery supplier.

BMW "God" assists

The latest announcement shows that the strategic cooperation framework signed by BMW Brilliance and CATL includes three elements, including the purchase of battery production construction project by BMW Brilliance from the company for 815 million yuan, which will be used to produce and supply designated products for BMW Brilliance or its designated affiliates. Second, BMW Brilliance will pay an initial advance payment of 2.85 billion yuan to the company for the long-term purchase of power lithium battery products of specified models; in addition, when CATL subsequently implements domestic or overseas equity financing, BMW Brilliance has the right to take equity stakes in the company Investment, the maximum amount of this investment is RMB 2.85 billion.

Earlier news showed that CATL received a designated letter from the German BMW Group (hereinafter referred to as "BMW") for a 4 billion euro procurement plan. BMW will purchase about 4 billion euros of power lithium batteries from CATL. The contract will be divided into two major orders, one is an order for batteries purchased from factories in my country, with an amount of about 2.5 billion euros; the other is an order for batteries purchased from CATL's German factory, with an amount of about 1.5 billion euros.

According to industry analysts, the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between BMW Brilliance and CATL can be regarded as the first step in the implementation of the cooperation news between BMW and CATL last week. The person believes that behind the rapid success of CATL, the company and BMW have contributed to the signing of cooperation.

It is reported that CATL has a direct relationship with BMW when it first entered the field of power lithium batteries. The cooperation between CATL and BMW began in 2012. The power lithium battery system of BMW Brilliance's first high-end pure electric vehicle "Zhi Nuo 1E" was developed by CATL and BMW. Joint development.

Zhang Xiang believes that the early cooperation with BMW has laid the technical and brand foundation for CATL's development. The new season of cooperation in the next stage reflects the new trend of the development of the new energy industry. On the one hand, CATL has become the world's largest battery brand supplier, and under the guidance of the domestic double-scoring policy, it has become the first choice of brand vehicle companies; On the other hand, for vehicle companies, with the rise of the new energy vehicle market, seizing high-quality battery supply resources has also become the key.

The total market value reaches 178.7 billion yuan

CATL took the No. 1 market value on the Growth Enterprise Market shortly after its listing on June 11, with a total market value of 178.7 billion yuan (as of July 17), just one step away from a market value of 200 billion yuan.

In 2017, CATL rapidly developed into the largest supplier of batteries in the world in a short period of time, while the output of BYD (43.550, 0.00, 0.00%), another leading domestic company, was still slightly higher than that of CATL in 2016.

According to industry insiders, with the adjustment of the new energy subsidy policy, the accurate positioning of CATL in high-density energy batteries has led to intensified market differentiation, and the head effect has become more obvious. Zhang Xiang believes that other battery factories other than head companies will face a deep reshuffle.



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