Lead the battery innovation technology to expand-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lead the battery innovation technology to expand production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On December 24, Longji Co., Ltd. announced that it would invest in the construction of the annual 3GW single crystal battery project in Leye, Ningxia. The battery technology uses the company's unique battery technology, which has no precedent in the industry. The 3GW battery project, with a total investment of 1.397 billion yuan, is expected to be fully put into production in December 2021.

There is no precedent for battery technology, demonstrating the leading strength: the investment amount of equipment and system this time is 1.27 billion yuan, and the investment per GW is 423 million yuan, far more than the investment of ordinary PERC; It is estimated that the technical route is PERC+technology, and the conversion efficiency is expected to be 24%+, 23% higher than the current PERC efficiency. The company attaches great importance to battery research and development. Since 17 years ago, the battery conversion efficiency has continuously set new world records every year. The large-scale industrialization of the company's large number of research and development achievements in the single crystal link will promote the company to form differentiation advantages in the battery chip, which was previously relatively homogeneous, and highlight the leading strength.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the previous adjustment, an article was issued emphasizing that the leading role of the module industry was seriously underestimated, and the market did not realize its existence. In the future, the largest listed company in the PV industry must be a module company with cash flow, and control the upstream module companies (supply is loose and energy prices are depressed, supply is tight and material capacity is locked). Today's upstream and downstream pattern of power batteries is tomorrow's module. This trend will become stronger and stronger next year.

Efficiency conforms to the company's development philosophy, and the integration leader takes the lead: In contrast to the development history of the company's components, efficiency is the feature of Longji components. The introduction and mass production of high-efficiency battery technology, on the one hand, conforms to the company's efficient development philosophy, on the other hand, can give full play to the company's competitive advantage in the industry chain, achieve the joint development of upstream and downstream, use the integration advantage to rapidly promote to the downstream, and become a key weapon to further increase the share, Consolidate and strengthen the leading position of components against the background of rapid improvement of component concentration.

The expansion and acceleration of new battery technologies have highlighted the leading strength: the company has previously announced to invest in building a battery capacity with a conversion efficiency of more than 10GW24% in Qujing, which is expected to be put into production in 22 years. This new technology production has accelerated to the end of 21 years, demonstrating the leading speed, and also showing the firm confidence and strong strength of the company in new technologies.

The company has completed the transformation from the leader of the single crystal dragon head photovoltaic module (the whole industry chain). Both the brand, the supply chain control ability and the cash flow ability have qualitative changes. In 2020, the company will become a global module shipping company. In the case of large fluctuations in Q3-Q4 raw materials, Longji has demonstrated its strong supply chain control ability. The module unit profit is more than 10%, almost double that of its peers. The silicon chip end capacity continues to expand, The cost is significantly lower than that of peers. In 2021, the company will further open the gap with its competitors in the whole industrial chain. According to preliminary calculation, next year's silicon chip module will earn more than one cent, with more than 1 billion performance flexibility.

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