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Lead acid battery development breakthrough bottleneck -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The development of lead-acid battery is limited, and even suffers some criticism. One important reason is the possible industrial pollution, which involves the recycling of waste batteries. Considering the need of China's commitment to building an "upgraded version" of the economy, accelerating economic transformation and upgrading, and accelerating the development of the circular economy, resource recovery has become a bottleneck that must be broken through in the lead-acid battery market, and also one of the core issues related to future development

In fact, lead-acid batteries are mainly used in electric bicycles, low-speed electric vehicles and other fields. They will be replaced in a year or two. With the rapid increase of the total number of electric bicycles, the problem of battery recycling is becoming increasingly prominent. Dai Jingming, senior consultant of Camel Group Co., Ltd., believes that in recent years, the recovery rate of lead-acid batteries in China can reach as high as 98%, usually 95%. However, as long as the recovery rate does not reach 100%, it may pollute the environment. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to achieve 100% recovery rate, reaching infinity. If we approach this goal, lead is a completely recyclable resource that will never be exhausted. Therefore, the price of lead-acid batteries will not change much, and they will remain cheap and affordable.

Dai Jingming said that at this stage, due to the imperfect policies and regulations in China, there is no policy and network for mandatory recycling of lead-acid batteries, and there is no restriction and ban on small enterprises that pollute the environment, leading small and micro enterprises to compete with large enterprises at the expense of the environment, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the market and environmental protection. Therefore, a lead acid battery recycling network should be established, and private purchase is strictly prohibited. Large enterprises with high recycling efficiency and advanced technology and equipment should be responsible for recycling, which can prevent pollution and ensure product quality.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In the past two years, due to market saturation and vicious competition, the price of lead-acid batteries has dropped significantly. A group of batteries has dropped from the original 4-500 yuan, or even 800 yuan at the most expensive time, to more than 300 yuan now. The profit is negligible, leading to the lead-acid battery enterprises being regarded as sunset industries by some people. Dai Jingming believes that once the goal of regular channels and high utilization rate recycling is achieved, the most seriously polluted links in the entire lead-acid battery industry chain will be better controlled, and then the lead-acid battery can overcome the most lethal and weak links and remove the cap of pollution. The lead-acid battery industry is not a sunset industry, but occupies a place in the battery market segment.



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