Korean research and development of special lithi-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Korean research and development of special lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

"The performance of the lithium battery developed by South Korea is excellent," said Major General Jung Il-sik, director of the "Next Generation Engineering" project of the Korea Acquisition Program Administration, in an interview with the "Defense News" website. According to the data released by the project, the new lithium battery is dedicated, and the time underwater can be doubled after replacing the lead-acid battery.

According to information from the Hanwei Industry Agency, the first new diesel-electric boat designed and manufactured by South Korea was launched in September this year, and the other two will be completed by 2024. This type of diesel-electric power is the "next-generation attack" of the South Korean navy, and will all be equipped with lithium batteries developed by the world's largest lithium battery supplier and South Korea's Samsung.

According to reports, the research and development of this special lithium battery has lasted for nearly 30 months, and it has now passed the technical evaluation, taking an important step towards the practical integration of the platform. Lithium batteries not only have outstanding performance, but also are safe and reliable to use. At present, most active-duty navies in various countries use traditional lead-acid batteries, which are expensive, unstable in performance, and have little development potential. Korean manufacturers effectively solve these problems. Jung Il-sik claimed, "Korean companies have the best lithium-ion battery technology in the world. One of our requirements for R&D work is to put safety and reliability first. To do this, we even reduce battery performance to ensure that it reaches higher, Stricter safety standards." However, for confidentiality reasons, Ding Yizhi did not disclose the performance data of the lithium battery, but said that the battery had undergone simulated explosion, flooding, fire, extreme cold and heat and other harsh and harsh environments before finalizing. test.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In fact, long before South Korea, Japan has used lithium batteries on the Canglong class. However, South Korea believes that "leading" does not mean "leading". "South Korea's lithium battery will be better than its competitors," Ding said, adding that Samsung's successful development of a lithium battery will have a major impact on the global conventional power market.



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