Jiawei Announces Long-Life Lithium Batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Jiawei Announces Long-Life Lithium Batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Since the announcement on November 6 that it intends to invest 100 million yuan in the establishment of Guangdong Guangheng Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd., "China Times" has learned that Jiawei (300317.SZ), a company listed on the Growth Enterprise Market, once again announced heavy news, ten On February 20, it announced that one of its main businesses, fast-charging solid-state low-temperature-resistant and long-life lithium batteries, was officially mass-produced. This move is expected to make a qualitative breakthrough in the use of domestic new energy vehicle batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

According to the reporter's understanding, at the press conference on that day, more than 30 securities companies were gathered to conduct research. In order to better let customers and investors understand the characteristics of Jiawei's solid-state fast-charging lithium battery products, Jiawei shares First, the guests were arranged to visit the Jiawei Longneng automatic production line and demonstrated the performance of full battery module battery in 8 minutes; small capacity battery in 3 minutes; soft-pack solid-state fast-charging battery single acupuncture and other performance demonstrations. Then the Jiawei team of scientists gave detailed introductions and interactive demonstrations on projects such as solid-state lithium batteries, fast-charging lithium batteries, spallation neutron source applications, graphene material applications, and the combination of energy storage and photovoltaics.

"The mass production of this kind of solid-state fast-charging lithium battery is an important milestone in Jiawei's new energy strategic layout. Jiawei's lithium battery products, from the perspectives of safety, fast charging, low temperature resistance and long life, aim to create a The most practical lithium battery application experience." Ding Kongxian, chairman of Jiawei Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

According to Huang Biying, general manager of Jiawei Longneng and the country, solid-state fast-charging lithium batteries are the next development direction of power lithium batteries. security risks. At present, Jiawei Co., Ltd. has introduced a very small amount of ionic liquid or gel electrolyte by improving the interface wettability and stability and reducing the interface impedance in research and development, which has reached the solid-state standard and has better safety, rate and cycle life. .

It is understood that there are four types of lithium batteries in Jiawei Co., Ltd., specifically high-nickel lithium batteries, supporting passenger cars, logistics vehicles, and slow-speed vehicles. The cycle life reaches 7,000 times; the fast-charge lithium iron phosphate battery is suitable for buses and coaches. The battery can be quickly charged within 10 minutes, and the cycle life reaches 8,000 times; the fast-charge lithium titanate battery is suitable for fixed line vehicles, trucks and coal-pulling vehicles. , rail cars and terminal unloading trucks, the battery can be quickly charged within 6 minutes, and the cycle life is up to 20,000 times; the high-energy density lithium battery, supporting passenger cars, the cell energy density can reach more than 230Wh/kg, and the cycle life is more than 2,000 times. Battery kWh price, cycle times and kWh cycle cost are significantly lower than the market.

At the press conference, Ci Lijie, the chief scientist of National and Guochuang Jiawei, revealed that graphene has high electrical conductivity, which endows graphene/nano-silicon anode materials with excellent rate performance. As a positive conductive agent, it can also improve the rate performance of the positive electrode. . Graphene has the characteristics of thin layer structure and good flexibility. As a substrate or coating material of nano-silicon, it can improve the conductivity of silicon and effectively buffer the expansion of silicon.

In this regard, some brokerage researchers also analyzed that day, solid-state lithium batteries, as an important strategic direction of Jiawei, have taken the lead in realizing the industrialization of solid-state, with the continuous development of technology and market. Jiawei shares are expected to gain a larger share in the market competition.



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