Japan develops new technology for lithium -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Japan develops new technology for lithium battery charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

As we all know, lithium battery is a kind of battery technology with high energy density and low discharge rate. Although lithium batteries are an important form of power supply for most electronic digital products on the market, the principle of relying on the basic chemical reaction of electrolytes has been maintained for nearly two decades without any changes.

The results of a recent study from Japan seem to have the potential to end the long run of lithium-ion batteries powered by electrolytes. According to the latest joint achievements of the University of Tokyo Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Materials Science of Japan, they have discovered a new electrolyte that enables lithium batteries to have ultra-high reactivity and anti-degradation properties. After further development, this The new technology may significantly improve the overall performance of current lithium batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Generally speaking, the high concentration of the electrolyte and its resistance to degradation determine the final concentration of the electrolyte. However, the method of adding a mixed solvent discovered by Japanese researchers can make the electrolyte concentration four times that of current lithium battery technology, and the important component of the solvent incorporated into the lithium battery electrolyte will be ethylene carbonate. .

The new mixed solution can physically charge lithium batteries faster and supply more power per unit time. Specifically, this new research can increase the charging time of lithium batteries by 300% compared to now, and basically maintain the rated voltage of lithium batteries of 3v to 5v.

While this new lithium-ion battery technology could mean significantly faster charging times for our phones and tablets in the future, the actual purpose of this research was to focus on the electric vehicle sector. If the charging speed can be increased by more than 3 times, then the problem of long charging time for electric vehicles will be well solved. Of course, this new type of battery technology still has room for improvement in the future, and there may be important implications for lithium batteries that have not improved significantly for a long time.



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