Japan develops new fuel power cells -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Japan develops new fuel power cells -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On March 5, four Japanese companies, including NGKINSULATORS and TOTO, announced the establishment of joint ventures on March 4 to promote the research and development of "solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)" that generate electricity by reacting oxygen in the air with hydrogen and other fuels. All companies will share relevant technologies previously promoted independently to promote practicality. This is the first time that four companies of "Sencun Group" have participated in joint business.

The new company jointly funded by Oiko, Toto, Special Ceramics of Japan and Noritake Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be established on December 1. We set up an office in the Xiaomu factory (located in Xiaomu City, Aichi County) of Japan's special ceramics industry to engage in research and development, manufacturing and sales of solid oxide hydrogen fuel cells. The details of the legal representative and the proportion of capital contribution will be finalized in the future. The number of employees is expected to be 50-100.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Ceramic technology is the strong point of the four companies. Previously, they independently promoted the development of solid oxide fuel cells. The solid oxide fuel cell uses hydrogen to generate electricity, does not emit carbon dioxide, and has low environmental load. On the other hand, it is difficult to achieve mass production. Dongtao abolished relevant professional departments about two years ago.

The four companies held a joint press conference in the Tokyo Metropolitan on the same day, and the president of Dongtao, Xi Duo Tsunyuan, said that "over the years, technology development has been promoted, but it is difficult to achieve mass production alone". Oshima Zhuo, a Japanese news agency, emphasized that "through sharing experience, the technical level of solid oxide fuel cells will be further improved". However, Kato Bo, Zewu's president, said that "with only one company, there are limits in terms of investment burden, but if we work together, the development field will expand".

The four companies are all from Morimun Group (now Morimun Commercial). As the Sencun Group, its activities are limited to information liaison meetings of public relations departments, etc., and there has been no direct contact in business before. In addition, capital relations such as cross shareholding hardly exist. The sense of crisis about the future has promoted the actions of the four companies.

Shinichi Oeda, president and president of Japanese Special Ceramics, said that "in the era when cooperation is taken for granted, it is a natural trend for Morimura Group to unite". It expressed "hope to gather strength to promote the mass production of solid oxide fuel cells".



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