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How to solve the lack of battery technology and supporting facilities -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The development of the new energy vehicle industry will bring positive impetus to the power battery market. Power batteries are still an emerging industry, and the high cost of battery systems is the main reason for the high price of electric vehicles. In hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles, the electric drive system is the main part of the value of new energy vehicles, and its value is more than half of the total vehicle cost; while the cost of the power battery in the electric drive system The proportion is as high as 50%-70%. Therefore, the performance and cost of power batteries directly determine the development route of new energy vehicles.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

However, there are thousands of battery companies in our country. Almost most of them were established after the beginning of this century. They do not have their own core technologies. They mainly produce electric bicycle batteries or low-price electric vehicle batteries and can produce core power lithium. There are very few batteries. In addition, most of the raw materials for battery production come from places such as Japan and the United States. Taking separators as an example, China's annual demand is 300 million to 500 million square meters, of which more than 60% relies on imports. Overall, power batteries are the core technology for the development of new energy vehicles. Breaking the monopoly of foreign investment in new energy vehicle industry technology is the only prerequisite for accelerating my country's automotive industrialization.

From the perspective of modern industrial development, there is at least a 20-year gap in core manufacturing technology between our country and the world's advanced countries. This is not a pessimistic statement, it is the fact. And often this backwardness creates the inertia of our thinking, which is to follow a path of "sluggish innovation": technology introduction (patent purchase) - digestion and absorption - local technological innovation, and then it is a cycle again, because foreign advanced Technology is constantly developing, and we must continue to introduce, digest and absorb it. This road has become the biggest pain for our country today when it enters modern industry.

So, how can we get out of this cycle? That is to have a spirit of learning, tolerance and innovation. Our entire country is now talking about "innovation", but how to innovate and what we rely on to innovate are still not well solved. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of innovation, we must first learn from advanced foreign countries with an open mind, and conduct in-depth research and discussion on why these countries are leading in a spirit of tolerance. Only in this way can we learn high-tech knowledge in a short period of time, and use this knowledge to our advantage, turning it into a powerful driving force for the development of our society.



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