break through the lithium battery equipment -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How to break through the lithium battery equipment industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The "Made in my country 2025" issued by the State Council in May 2015 pointed out that after decades of rapid development, the scale of my country's manufacturing industry has jumped to the forefront, and a complete, independent and complete manufacturing system has been established, which has become the backbone of my country's economic and social development. An important cornerstone and an important force to promote the development of the world economy. However, my country is still in the process of industrialization, and there is still a big gap compared with advanced countries. The specific performance in the equipment industry is that the key core technologies and high-end equipment are highly dependent on foreign countries, and the development of high-end equipment manufacturing and producer services is lagging behind.

This situation is more obvious in the emerging industry supported by the state - the lithium battery industry.

A few days ago, my country's Automotive Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance Engineering Equipment Branch was established and the Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Seminar was successfully held. According to the "2018 Lithium Battery Engineering Equipment Development Roadmap Expectation Method" disclosed at the conference, the output value of my country's lithium battery equipment industry in 2016 was about 13 billion yuan, and in 2017 it was about 17 billion yuan. This figure will be about 20-30% per year. Speed ​​up. It is expected that by 2025, lithium battery engineering equipment will maintain this high rate of increase.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The "Method" pointed out that the advantage of my country's equipment lies in the large scale of the industry and the opportunity for continuous innovation and upgrading. The domestic production rate of lithium battery engineering equipment has reached more than 70%. The disadvantage lies in the lack of industry norms and barbaric development. Due to the weak industrial base and the gap between the manufacturing concept and the international market, the phenomenon of shoddy manufacturing is serious. Although the output scale is sufficient, there are not many high-quality equipment. The scale of my country's power lithium battery equipment in the world accounts for about 35%-40%.

"Equipment is the strong hen of lithium battery, and it is also the guarantee of strong quality." Yang Rukun, chairman of the Engineering Equipment Branch of the Innovation Alliance and chairman of Shenzhen Jiyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., explained the importance of the lithium battery equipment industry with an image metaphor at the meeting. .

Yang Rukun, Chairman of Shenzhen Jiyang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

In the past few years, my country's lithium battery industry has experienced increased investment and production expansion, and the market size has emerged. The future is about to usher in a transition period, and the industry will accelerate the reshuffle to achieve an improvement from quantity to quality. As an important support for the lithium battery industry, equipment is also facing new opportunities to achieve breakthroughs.

At the "my country Automotive Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance Engineering Equipment Branch Establishment and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Seminar", experts from many lithium battery and equipment companies, industry organizations, and scientific research institutions discussed the development route, standard construction, The introduction of intelligent technology, collaborative innovation model and other topics expressed their views. From their viewpoints, we can see a new path for my country's lithium battery equipment industry to achieve breakthroughs.

Standardized construction promotes intelligent transformation

At present, my country's power lithium battery shipments have ranked first in the world, but overall high-end production is scarce and low-end production is excessive. One of the fundamental reasons is that the degree of equipment intelligence is not high, and the integration of automation, digitization, and information is low. , resulting in a gap between the company's lithium battery products in consistency, safety and other performance and advanced companies in Japan and South Korea.

Intelligent manufacturing is not only a development trend of power lithium battery in the future, but more importantly, it can improve the product quality of battery companies, which is of great significance to enhance the overall competitiveness and market share of power lithium battery companies in my country.



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