How much is a die-cutting machine? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

How much is a die-cutting machine? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

The manufacturing process steps of lithium battery pole pieces can be subdivided into five processes: slurry preparation, slurry coating, pole piece rolling, pole piece cutting, and pole piece drying. It is understood that the battery assembly process is roughly divided into winding, casing, welding and other processes according to different battery specifications. The final liquid injection stage includes various processes such as liquid injection, exhaust, sealing, pre-filling, formation, and aging.(Cutting and stacking Integrated machine)
      Among them, the pole piece slitting process is completed by a lithium battery pole piece die-cutting machine. The price of lithium battery die-cutting machine is generally between hundreds of thousands to more than one million. The specific price is mainly determined by the materials used in the equipment and the configuration of the equipment. The good materials are lightweight carbon fiber, and the high-quality lithium battery equipment has the functions of dust removal and automatic cooling.
     Yixinfeng J500D-A high-speed hardware die-cutting machine, designed with carbon fiber materials, has a high degree of automation, has automatic tape connection function, and uses high-precision molds to increase the service life of the mold. It is equipped with dust-absorbing treatment equipment, and has the function of non-contact dust removal, which reduces the secondary pollution of dust and effectively avoids the damage to the pole piece by brushing powder.



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