How fast is the battery fast charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

How fast is the battery fast charging -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium-ion battery fast charging method

The launch of a new car, of course I refer to electric vehicles, often presents the following description: fast charging, 80% charge in half an hour, 200 kilometers of battery life, completely solving your mileage anxiety! Fast charging improves the use of commercial vehicle power equipment , alleviating the passenger car's anxiety about distance and constantly approaching the moment when a tank of fuel is filled. There is a big trend towards becoming the standard. Let's dig together today to find a way to quickly fill the soil and find the origin of this method with the help of digging.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

How fast can it charge?

Our basic charging needs:

1) Responsible for prompt;'

2) Does not affect my battery life;

3) Try to save money and charge the battery as much as possible.

So how fast can it be called fast charging? There is no standard literature giving detailed values, let's temporarily refer to the numerical thresholds mentioned in the most famous subsidy policies. The table below shows the subsidy specifications for new energy passenger vehicles in 2017. As you can see, the entry level for fast charging is 3C. In fact, in the passenger car subsidy specification, the requirement for fast charging is not mentioned. From the general passenger car promotional materials, you can see that we generally think that 30 minutes to 80% can now be used as a quick gimmick, out of the publicity, then let us assume that the passenger car 1.6C can be used as an entry-level Quick charge to see the value. According to this idea, 15 minutes of publicity accounts for 80%, which is equivalent to 3.2C.



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