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Honda and Panasonic team up to develop portable lithium batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, Honda and Panasonic are considering a partnership to develop portable batteries for motorcycles, hoping to gain a place in the highly competitive zero-emission vehicle market. According to industry sources, the two companies are conducting experiments in Indonesia and using Panasonic's detachable lithium-ion batteries on Honda's electric motorcycles to test their performance.

Japan's New Energy Industry Technology Comprehensive Development Agency has decided to provide funding for the project. Honda has set its sights on the development of batteries for electric motorcycles, which are aimed at Japan and other Asian markets, or can be used as an energy source to power households (V2G).

In addition, Honda is committed to promoting the electrification transformation of the automotive industry, and signed an agreement with GM last month to jointly develop a new generation of on-board batteries for electric vehicles.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Panasonic is also actively negotiating with Toyota, or will jointly develop and produce on-board batteries for electric vehicles. Panasonic is also aggressively working to expand into new market segments, as its home appliance business is under attack from its rivals in Asia.



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