General investment power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

General investment power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, GM CEO Mary Barra disclosed on September 5 local time that GM will invest 28 million dollars (about 191 million yuan) to expand its technology center in Warren, Michigan, the United States, in order to create a new testing laboratory and introduce advanced equipment for the battery industry, and achieve the goal of launching 20 electric vehicles by 2023.

In the past decade, Warren Technology Center in Michigan has continuously promoted the development of GE's new energy, and successively launched Chevrolet Volta, Spark EV and BoltEV models. In terms of independent research and development capability, GM launched a new battery energy storage product, GEReservoirin March this year, which can shorten the production time of battery packs and improve battery life and reliability.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Compete with Tesla GE to develop battery energy storage system

In terms of external cooperation, GM has formed a close cooperation relationship with LG. LG supplied batteries for its BoltEV model launched in 2015. At the same time, GM is working with its partner DeltaAmericas to develop a rapid charging system for electric vehicles, aiming to enable pure electric vehicles to have the efficiency of driving 290 kilometers in 10 minutes.



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