"Frozen" lithium battery has been put -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

"Frozen" lithium battery has been put into research and development -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

It is reported that American researchers are developing a new freezing method recently, which can prolong the life of lithium batteries and is safe and flexible. In the future, the "frozen" lithium battery will also be used in smartphones and tablets.

According to the Daily Mail on April 24, American researchers have developed a new freezing method, which can extend the life of lithium batteries, improve safety, and the batteries can also be bent. This technology may be applied to smartphones and tablets to make them more flexible.

The liquid electrolyte in most rechargeable lithium batteries on the market is highly flammable, which is easy to cause safety hazards, such as the explosion scandal before Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Therefore, researchers from the Fourier Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences of Columbia University decided to replace liquid electrolytes with solid electrolytes and use ice templates to manufacture vertically aligned column structures of ceramic solid electrolytes. Ceramic solid electrolyte has higher safety and conductivity.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The researchers said that this was the first time that the non flammable and non-toxic flexible solid electrolyte was used in lithium batteries by the ice template method. In the future, smart phones or tablets using this battery can be bent.



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