Ford and Purdue University Collaboration -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Ford and Purdue University Collaborative Research -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Reference News Network reported on November 23 that according to the Associated Press, Ford and Purdue University are working together to develop a new charging pile cable that is compatible with car charging technology, with a view to making electric vehicles more widely used.

Researchers at Purdue University are trying to develop an alternative cooling method to keep batteries from overheating, using a charging cable that can supply a higher current. The cable uses a liquid as an active coolant, which can help draw more heat out of the cable.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

If successful, it could supply significantly more power than the technology currently used to charge electric vehicles. And if combined with technologies currently under development, it could speed up the process.

The researchers say that the charging time of an electric car may eventually be the same as the time it takes to refuel a car at a gas station.



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