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Electric vehicle lithium -ion battery packaging tutorial and precautions -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Electric vehicle lithium ion battery packaging tutorial

1. Preparation materials, including stainless steel battery boxes, 60V24AH lithium -ion batteries assembled for electric vehicles, and lithium -ion batteries must be selected from electric vehicle power lithium -ion batteries.

2. 20 lithium -ion batteries, a total of 8 strings.

3. 8 string of lithium -ion batteries are connected in parallel, and use partitions and tape to do well.

4. Fixed adhesive tape, tandem welding protection line.

5. Welded the string of lithium -ion battery packs with a thermal shrinkage film, connect the protective board, do the insulation, and take a short circuit.

6. The short -circuit hazards of lithium -ion batteries are very high. After the thermal film is wrapped in the lithium -ion battery, the electric car lithium -ion battery packaging is completed, and it can be placed in an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle lithium -ion battery packaging

Step 1: Check

In the process of disassembling batteries, all connection quality should be checked, while inspection of insurance seats, charging sockets, and electric vehicle lithium -ion batteries are normal and reliable, and all connectors are fixed. The replacement should be replaced, and the reliability should be examined, and those who are not reliable must be replaced.

Step 2: Installation

In accordance with the instructions of the battery assembly box, install the lithium -ion battery of electric vehicles. In fact, most batteries inside the battery box are connected together. Use a copper wire that is not less than one square meter to welded each battery with a soldering iron. Welded on the two paragraphs of the output socket. Pay attention not to be involved, it must be corresponding to the positive and negative electrode on the charger. Otherwise, the consequences will be serious.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Step 3: Try

After installing the electric car lithium -ion battery package, use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery output port. The actual voltage of the battery should be 2 ~ 5V higher than the standard voltage.



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