Dry single pull diaphragm for power lithium -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Dry single pull diaphragm for power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

With the rapid release of ternary power battery, the industry focuses on wet membrane. Little did we know that the dry process single pull diaphragm with continuously improved performance and cost advantage began to show the momentum of "counter attack".

According to the survey data of GGII, since this year, the shipment of dry process single pull diaphragm used in power battery field has not grown as fast as that of wet process diaphragm, but there is still a certain growth year-on-year. The main reason is that the performance of the dry process single pull diaphragm has been continuously improved, which can meet the application needs of the power battery market, and at the same time, it has cost advantages.

At present, the top companies in the field of dry process single pull diaphragm include Xingyuan Materials, ZTE New Materials, Cangzhou Pearl, China Eastern Airlines Optoelectronics, Anruida, Huiqiang, Yingbolai, etc. (in no particular order). Among them, Xingyuan Materials, ZTE New Materials and Cangzhou Pearl have large output, accounting for 58% of the total output of dry single pull diaphragm in 2017.

Based on the promising market prospect, these enterprises are basically expanding dry diaphragm capacity.

Recently, Xingyuan Materials announced that the company plans to raise no more than 2 billion yuan to build a "super coating factory" project in Changzhou. The total investment of this project is 2.964 billion yuan. The insufficient part will be solved by the company with its own funds or through other financing methods. The project takes Jiangsu Xingyuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary, as the implementation subject, to build 50 high-performance coating diaphragm production lines, and simultaneously build 8 new generation dry diaphragm production lines. After reaching the capacity, the annual production capacity of dry diaphragm will be 400 million m2 and the annual processing capacity of coated diaphragm will be 1 billion m2.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In addition, according to Xingyuan Materials in the investor relations activity record table, in addition to the capacity of two wet production lines in Hefei Base, the company's new capacity in 2018 also includes the capacity contributed by a single line designed to have an annual capacity of 50 million m2 dry diaphragm production line in the "expansion project of the third generation high-performance power lithium-ion battery diaphragm production line", an investment project funded by raised funds from the company's initial public offering of shares, This production line was put into production in the middle of 2017, so it only contributed half of the production capacity in 2017.

From the perspective of Star Source Materials, dry and wet processes will coexist for a long time in the future.

In terms of dry diaphragm, the dry process is still one of the mainstream technologies in the market, driven by technology and cost. Power batteries produced by Korean LG Chemical and other manufacturers at home and abroad are also using dry diaphragm. In addition, in the energy storage battery market, the market space of dry diaphragm with strong cost advantage will be further expanded with the accelerated expansion of the energy storage market.

Xingyuan Materials said that, as a leading supplier of lithium-ion battery separators in the industry, the company still needs to make use of its technological leadership in the field of dry diaphragm products to increase the investment in the production of dry diaphragm: on the one hand, to meet the increasing needs of existing customers for dry diaphragm, and consolidate the leading position of the company's dry process in the field of lithium-ion battery separators; On the other hand, we should grasp the market opportunities of power battery and energy storage battery, reasonably and orderly arrange the production capacity of dry diaphragm, so as to strengthen market competitiveness and increase market share.

Then look at the Cangzhou pearl with large production of dry diaphragm.

Cangzhou Mingzhu revealed when receiving investor research in May that the capacity of wet membrane is 120 million m2 at present, and 190 million m2 after it is put into operation. The current capacity of dry process membrane is 50 million m2. The newly expanded 50 million m2 dry process membrane project will also be put into operation in 2018, and the capacity of dry process membrane will reach 100 million m2 by the end of 2018.

As for the production and sales of diaphragm, Cangzhou Mingzhu revealed that last year, it was less than 140 million square meters, including more than 80 million square meters of dry process diaphragm (it is understood that Cangzhou Mingzhu's dry process diaphragm production process is very mature, the technology is well mastered, and the operating efficiency of the equipment is constantly improved.



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