Technical Development of Lithium Battery UPS -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Development direction of lithium battery UPS technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

It is necessary to explain the development direction and current situation of lithium battery UPS technology. Lithium battery UPS? I believe everyone knows UPS very well, but they are unfamiliar with lithium batteries. Yes, lithium battery is a new thing, and there are few manufacturers of lithium battery UPS in China, but it will eventually replace the traditional lead-acid battery and dominate the world.

"Lithium battery" is a kind of battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as cathode material and non-aqueous electrolyte solution. The main advantages of the lithium battery pack are more than the existing lead-acid batteries. The lithium battery pack has high energy and density, small size and light weight, long service life, fast charging speed, 4 or more times the charging speed, green lithium batteries, and no toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc. Anyway, the lead acid battery is completely compared every minute. Lithium battery and UPS can be used together.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

So, what are the new development directions of lithium battery UPS in the future?

1. DC high-voltage UPS

High voltage DC UPS is likely to be the next stage of UPS development, not only because it inherits almost all the current UPS hot spots and cutting-edge technology, but also because it can better meet the reliability, economy and adaptability of load power supply on the basis of realizing all the functions of traditional UPS.

Energy saving, high reliability, high efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, and especially suitable for machine rooms with heavy load. This technology has strong popularization and is suitable for the construction and transformation of communication machine rooms.

2. Flywheel UPS technology

Flywheel energy storage technology has also made a new breakthrough: combining advanced integrated vacuum magnetic suspension flywheel energy storage technology with online interactive UPS technology. The combination of the two not only realizes the traditional flywheel energy storage characteristics, but also combines the power supply characteristics of static UPS. Flywheel UPS products can be compatible with traditional UPS, and can also be replaced by traditional UPS with the same capacity, which improves the openness and flexibility of users.

Compared with traditional UPS, flywheel UPS is very efficient. This is of practical significance for the energy conservation and environmental protection of the data center. In addition, the noise of flywheel UPS is very small, which fully conforms to the standards of the machine room. Flywheel UPS has a broad development prospect and market potential.

What is the current situation and trend of UPS technology development in China?

With the continuous development of information processing technology, especially the extensive application of computers and the rapid development of the Internet, information equipment has increasingly high requirements for the capacity and reliability of UPS power supply system, and the importance of UPS has become increasingly prominent. In order to meet the higher requirements of users in various industries for lithium battery UPS power supply system, the technical development level of UPS is also constantly improving. However, the domestic small power UPS market is very mature, and the homogenization phenomenon is serious.

As a new type of power supply, lithium battery UPS applies semiconductor, comprehensive automatic control, microprocessor and other technologies, which not only realizes energy conservation and emission reduction, but also ensures the high quality requirements for power supply in various occasions, so its application prospect is very good.

Lithium battery UPS has been widely used in various fields:

Vehicle mounted UPS application - aircraft command and control vehicle of the Ministry of Space Technology

Communication base station application - China Mobile

Industrial applications - Baosteel Group

Data center - school computer room power supply

In recent years, in order to meet people's high requirements for UPS performance, UPS power technology has made some new developments. The development trend of UPS power technology is mainly as follows:

The development trend of green, modular, integrated, high-frequency, networking, intelligent and customer integration.



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