Comprehensive difficulty in power lithium batt. -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Comprehensive difficulty in power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

There are still many difficulties in achieving comprehensive indicators of power lithium batteries

Recently, the 27th session of the Fourin World Automobile Research Association was held in Beijing. Wang Fang, chief expert of the China Automobile Technology Research Center, gave a keynote speech on the current status of Chinese and foreign power batteries. Suggestions are made for the development direction of China's power battery technology, and high -quality production capacity should be strengthened to reduce blind expansion. Product safety should be the first element.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

300WH / KG target is expected to achieve

Wang Fang said that the 300WH / KG indicator can be achieved hard. The major special research and development project of the Ministry of Science and Technology has a single indicator of some products reaching this standard, but the mainstream products in the market are still at the level of 130Wh / KG -250WH / KG. According to the exchange and understanding of the enterprise, there will be a small number of battery energy density this year that can reach 280Wh / kg, and can be used directly on the car. There are many problems in the realization of car loading products, and there are many problems that need to be overcome.

Industry breaks need to strengthen high -quality production capacity improvement

In the world, the industrialization of power batteries is mainly concentrated in three regions -East Asia where Germany, the United States, China, and South Korea are located. From a comprehensive perspective, Japan is still leading technology, including research on solid battery, but China's technological progress has made great progress in the past two years. China's market share has surpassed Japan and South Korea. The number of power batteries and the largest production capacity. The main production areas include the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Beijing -Tianjin region, and the Central Plains. , Equipment, Recycling, etc. are also growing.

According to the statistics of the model of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Fang believes that from the current growth rate, the battery capacity must be excessive in the future, but there may be insufficient batteries. This is because the high -quality production capacity is still insufficient, so it has the ability The focus of large -scale enterprises should not only be expanded. Only by improving high -quality capacity can we rob greater market share.

Comparison of ternary batteries and lithium iron phosphate applications

Wang Fang said that in the evaluation of the market model, it was found that the energy density of the ternary lithium battery has a high energy density, ranging from 136Wh / KG to 230Wh / KG, with an average of 183WH / KG, and the system energy density is 115.4Wh / kg. The group rate is only 63 %, while the energy density of the lithium iron phosphate is 143.9Wh / kg, the system energy density is 117Wh / kg, and the set rate is 81.5 %. Such a contrast, one is because it is related to the safety of the battery itself. The lithium iron phosphate battery itself is high. Compared with the ternary lithium battery, the required heat insulation, fire prevention, heat dissipation, and heat resistance measures are less. It is because lithium iron phosphate batteries are mostly used for pure electric buses. Most of the battery boxes of passenger cars are standard boxes. The design is simpler than passenger cars and has less additional factors.

Wang Fang mentioned that in terms of cooling methods, Zhongqi Center compared the cooling method of 96 models, and the conclusions obtained according to the data they compared were not very accurate. Because only 3 of all 96 models of the tests were used, and 7 were used to use liquid cold. According to data comparison, it is found that the energy density of the use of air -cooled power batteries is the highest, followed by natural cold and the lowest liquid cooling. She explained that this is actually because the air -cooled data is too small. It is cold, followed by the cold, because the cold and cold are cooled naturally compared to the natural cooling. 

Finally, Wang Fang suggested at the technical level:

1. Safety is the first element. In the production and design of the product, the safety must be based on safety, and the balance of performance and safety must be paid to the balance of performance.

2. Further improve the integration level of the power battery system, so that it can match the development speed of electric vehicles.

At the industrial level:

1. Pay attention to the consistency in the production and use of battery.

2. It should be further enhanced high -quality production capacity.

3. Pay attention to the cycle utilization of batteries and industrial collaborative development.



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