Technical route of power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Competition on technical route of power lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In the past, Watma was the leader of lithium iron phosphate power battery, and its focus on lithium iron phosphate made Watma a leader in the industry in terms of technology. However, at the moment of large-scale expansion of Watma and policy changes in the new energy automobile industry, Watma was caught in a capital turnover dilemma.

Recently, the parent company of Waterma, Jianrui Voneng, announced that it would introduce its partner Jiangsu Huakong Investment Management Co., Ltd. to revitalize its subsidiary Hunan Waterma and help it resume production. However, the entry of Jiangsu Huakong is not focused on the application of lithium iron phosphate as power battery, but on the capacity of Hunan Watma in the energy storage market.

Due to the low energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery, the technical route dispute between lithium iron phosphate and ternary materials has never stopped. Does the shift of investors' views on lithium iron phosphate mean that lithium iron phosphate is defeated in power batteries? In fact, the reporter noticed that with the approaching of the refund and compensation of new energy vehicles, some securities companies have begun to be optimistic about the investment prospects of lithium iron phosphate.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Watma returns to life?

The crisis stricken Kinrui Voneng ushered in a glimmer of light. Kinrui Voneng recently announced that, in order to help the wholly-owned subsidiary of Watma, Hunan Watma, resume production, the company signed the Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement with Jiangsu Huakong, which is intended to jointly initiate the establishment of a joint venture. Affected by this news, Kinrui Voneng's share price rose by one word on April 19.

According to the agreement, Jianrui Voneng and Jiangsu Huakong plan to jointly invest in the establishment of Hunan Anding New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anding New Energy). The registered capital of the joint venture is 200 million yuan. Jianrui Voneng or its designated third party plans to subscribe 110 million yuan, accounting for 55% of the registered capital. Jiangsu Huakong or its controlled third party plans to subscribe 90 million yuan, accounting for 45% of the registered capital.

The act of establishing a joint venture is regarded as the self-help of Jianrui Voneng. Since Watma, Jianrui Voneng has repeatedly saved itself. In February last year, Jianrui Voneng disclosed the framework agreement with Jiayi Precision on issuing shares to pay for cash to purchase assets, and the framework agreement on cooperation with AlturaMining Limited. However, as Jianrui Voneng ended planning for major asset restructuring, these two framework agreements were also terminated accordingly.

In addition, Jianrui Voneng also disclosed the partnership agreement of Shaanxi Litong No. 1 New Energy Partnership (Limited Partnership) in October last year to introduce strategic investors. At present, the partnership has gone through the formalities of industrial and commercial registration, and has been issued with a business license. The partner's capital has reached 23.5 million yuan.

Of course, signing the framework agreement is only the first step. After that, Jianrui Voneng and Jiangsu Huakong will also jointly negotiate with the local government on matters related to investment cooperation. On the premise of obtaining the government's recognition and consent, the two parties will sign a formal investment cooperation agreement, and quickly promote the implementation of company registration, capital implementation, plant and equipment and other related matters after fulfilling their respective approval procedures.

According to the industrial and commercial information, the shareholders of Jiangsu Huakong include Lu Zhongyi and Hua Jun, who hold 70% and 30% shares respectively. Lu Zhongyi is also the chairman of Jiangsu Huakong. In July 2008, Jiangsu Huakong raised and established a corporate RMB venture capital fund in Nanjing - Jiangsu Huakong Venture Capital Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 200 million yuan.

Lu Zhongyi said in an interview with the reporter of E Company that the cooperation between the two sides will be conducted in the form of cash contribution to ensure the normal production and operation of the joint venture. He told the reporter that the joint venture would still use the existing plant and equipment of Hunan Watma for production, but the joint venture was a clean new company and would not be involved in the dispute of Watma.

Jianrui Voneng disclosed in the announcement that Jiangsu Huakong and many well-known investment institutions at home and abroad are strategic partnerships with each other, and the company has outstanding strength and operation ability. Lu Zhongyi told reporters that Jiangsu Huakong had also invested in new energy and lithium battery related projects before.



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