Commercialization of Lithium Metal Batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Commercialization of Lithium Metal Batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The electrification of global vehicles is galloping forward, and the commercialization of next-generation power lithium-ion batteries is also becoming increasingly fierce.

As a representative company of the next-generation power lithium-ion battery, SES recently released the latest 100Ah single-cell lithium metal battery. At the same time, it introduced its industrialization schedule, customer cooperation and listing process in detail.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Hu Qichao, founder and CEO of SES, shows the Apollo™ large cell

Different from the all-solid-state battery path chosen by peers such as QuantumScape and SolidPower, SES focuses on hybrid lithium metal batteries.

The idea of ​​Hu Qichao, founder and CEO of SES, is that lithium metal batteries are undoubtedly the final direction, but the realization of all-solid-state lithium metal batteries is very difficult, and industrialization is not realistic, and the hybrid lithium metal battery method maintains the high energy of solid-state lithium metal batteries. The advantage of density, while maintaining the same production process and manufacturability as lithium-ion batteries.

Also based on this, in 2015, Hu Qichao adjusted the company's original plan to make solid-state lithium metal batteries into a hybrid lithium metal battery, and changed the name from the previous "Solid Energy Systems" to "SES".

Taking the first SESBatteryWorld event as an observation window, Gaogong Lithium believes that from the perspective of product development cycle, car enterprise application, capital operation and other dimensions, the next generation of power lithium-ion batteries represented by lithium metal batteries has entered a new stage of commercialization. stage.

1. From the perspective of technology and product development process, lithium metal batteries have jumped from the initial single-layer, multi-layer, Ah-level cells to the vehicle-grade 100Ah cell level, and are moving towards the "eve" of commercial loading.

At this press conference, the Apollo™ lithium metal battery announced by SES has a capacity of 107Ah, becoming the world's first public display of a single lithium metal battery exceeding 100Ah, which means that it is a big step closer to commercial loading.

SESApollo™ large cell performance data

In terms of performance indicators, the Apollo™ 107Ah battery weighs only 0.982Kg and has an energy density of 417Wh/kg and 935Wh/L. It has been tested for 10 hours, 3 hours and 1 hour at room temperature, showing extremely high capacity and Energy Density.

From the perspective of engineering and manufacturing, SES has mastered a set of core material technologies for the industrialization of hybrid lithium metal batteries, and explored the complete production process and manufacturing process:

Wide Lithium Metal Anode: Ultra-thin Metal Anode Manufactured by Own Intellectual Property Process

Composite Anode Coatings: Improved Safety Through Mechanical Barriers

Polymer-based separators: highly manufacturable advanced separators

Highly concentrated liquid electrolyte formulation: low volatility and self-extinguishing

High Energy Density Cathode: Highly Manufacturable Advanced Cathode Technology

This will play a crucial role in the subsequent large-scale manufacturing and verification.

Gaogong Lithium believes that compared with companies such as QuantumScape and SolidPower that focus on solid-state lithium metal batteries, SES took the lead in launching its 107Ah large cell, which is related to other companies still staying at the multi-layer or small cell level. , is a very big jump, a substantial step forward in terms of lithium metal batteries.

Compared with other companies, the hybrid lithium metal battery selected by SES is more feasible in industrialization. It not only maintains the characteristics of high energy density of lithium metal battery, but also matches the existing lithium ion battery in process and manufacturing. High, which is the fundamental reason why SES can take the lead in launching 100Ah lithium metal batteries.

In fact, in China, many battery companies, including Fengli New Energy, are also considering or deploying the hybrid lithium metal battery route selected by SES.

Gaogong Lithium believes that although there are still many challenges in cycle performance, cost, mechanical structure design, etc., with the increasing number of entrants, the hybrid lithium metal battery route will become an important path choice for the commercialization of lithium metal batteries.




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