Chint develops graphene batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Chint develops graphene batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Graphene applications are sparking a materials revolution. Batteries made of graphene materials not only have a significantly higher capacity than lithium-ion batteries, but also greatly reduce their weight and volume, and greatly shorten the charging time. If used in TSLA electric vehicles, the cruising range is expected to be extended from more than 400 kilometers to more than 1,100 kilometers... This dream is becoming a reality.

The weight is reduced by 80%, the volume is reduced by 67%, the charging only takes a few minutes, the energy density is greatly improved, the capacity is 4 times that of the lithium-ion battery, and the charging only takes a few minutes.

Recently, Chint Group and the world-renowned graphene company Grabat of Spain held a graphene technology application (my country) conference in Hangzhou. Martin, chairman of Grabat, proudly said that the graphene materials developed and produced by Grabat have been applied to and unmanned. Machines, batteries, coatings, fibers, motorcycles, motorboats, cement and other fields.

According to Martin, the capacity of shihelenene batteries is 4 times that of lithium-ion batteries, the weight is reduced by 80%, the volume is reduced by 67%, and the charging time is shortened from the past few hours to just a few minutes, and because of the non-memory effect technology, use Lifespan is also longer than lithium-ion batteries. "If we use our graphene battery, the range of TSLA is expected to be extended from the current 442 kilometers to 1128 kilometers." Martin said.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal material with a thickness of only one layer of atoms. As a new type of energy storage battery material, it has unique advantages and great potential in applications such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and solar cells.

Layout in the field of graphene

Chint perfects the whole power industry chain

At the beginning of this year, Chint Group invested 18 million euros (about 126 million yuan) to acquire a 10% stake in Grabat and officially became a partner with Grabat. "Chint is a well-known power equipment manufacturing company and a leading company in photovoltaic new energy. It has formed a whole industrial chain of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption. What is missing is energy storage." Nan Cunhui, chairman of Chint Group, said. The energy storage battery technology is a key technology to break through the bottleneck of large-scale development and utilization of new energy, and it is also an important part of the smart grid. Graphene batteries solve this problem.

The application of energy storage battery technology to the power system can reduce the investment in the allocation of backbone lines, improve the power generation efficiency and maintain the stability of the power grid. On the consumption side, rooftop photovoltaic power generation, coupled with energy storage, will realize the self-operation of the microgrid in terms of power generation and consumption, and many households can be self-sufficient. The next energy storage product development plan of Chint Group includes household energy storage, commercial energy storage and large-scale energy storage.

In fact, Chint has been involved in the graphene field for some time. In 2014, Chint captured the application business opportunities of graphene in time, acquired Shanghai Xinchi Energy Company, and established a joint laboratory with Shanghai Institute of Microsystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop downstream applications based on leading graphene powder materials.



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