CATL invests more in new energy -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

CATL invests more in new energy -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Ningde Times recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Nezha Automobile, and will participate in the latter's D2 round of financing and fully cooperate in the fields of technology research and development and supply chain assurance. Previously, Changan Automobile announced that CATL intends to invest 769.6 million yuan to participate in the financing of Avita Technology (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Changan Automobile. It is understood that this is a microcosm of the continuous increase in investment and financing of new energy vehicles in CATL, and there will be multiple effects.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Seek greater voice

In addition to Avita, which has recently invested in shares, and Nezha Auto, which is about to invest, CATL has also invested in a number of new energy vehicle manufacturing companies this year.

In May of this year, Ningde Times invested in Aiways Auto through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wending Investment Co., Ltd., and injected capital of 3.08155 million yuan, accounting for 0.36% of the shares; then, Ningde Times received 300 million yuan in the 5.5 billion fixed increase of BAIC Blue Valley ; In August this year, CATL participated in the Pre-A round of financing of Geely’s new energy vehicle brand Jikr.

Industry insiders believe that CATL's frequent investment in new energy vehicle companies benefits from its abundant financial support. As of November 9, CATL's share price has risen by more than 60% this year, with a market value of 1.54 trillion yuan. The company’s semi-annual report shows that as of June 30, 2021, the balance of monetary funds in CATL was 74.687 billion yuan.

At the same time, CATL's participation in new energy vehicle companies will help continue to bind customers, achieve mass shipments of power lithium-ion batteries, and seek an important position and greater voice in vehicle manufacturing companies.

"The bundling of car companies in the CATL era can stabilize the shipping channels. As a partner, car companies will definitely buy its batteries." Zhang Xiang, a researcher at the Automotive Industry Innovation Research Center of North China University of Technology, pointed out, "At the same time, car companies are usually in the industry chain. The most downstream purchaser, the battery company as a supplier, needs to meet the requirements of car companies. In addition, Ningde era can master the core technology of car manufacturing after investing in new energy car companies, which is conducive to strengthening product design and development, and is conducive to enhancing follow-up and other The right to speak when car companies cooperate.”

Support new technology research and development

Nezha Automobile said: "Ningde era will jointly develop innovative integration technology for new energy vehicles with Nezha Automobile while ensuring the supply of power lithium-ion batteries." In the eyes of industry insiders, the so-called "innovative integration technology" may refer to The CTC technology (integrated design method of battery cell and vehicle chassis) previously announced by CATL.

Xiang Yanhuo, president of CATL my country's Passenger Vehicle Solutions Department, revealed not long ago that the company will launch a highly integrated CTC battery technology around 2025. Industry insiders believe that it is not easy for battery companies to integrate the battery with the chassis of the vehicle, and they must participate in the design of the vehicle at the beginning.

At the same time, the technical route announced by CATL revealed that it is expected to upgrade to the fifth-generation intelligent CTC electric chassis system around 2028, which can further optimize power distribution and reduce energy consumption through intelligent power domain controllers. With the cooperation of the company, it is also necessary to master the relevant data of the first-hand vehicle.

Zhang Xiang pointed out: "CTC technology in the CATL era needs to be a successful case, but since chassis technology is controlled by car companies, large car companies such as SAIC and Dongfeng are reluctant to open up the technical parameters of the vehicle field to battery companies. In contrast, New car-making companies such as Nezha Automobile are relatively small and are willing to cooperate with CATL.”

The integrated development of the industrial chain has entered a new stage

In the eyes of industry insiders, CATL's repeated investment in new energy vehicle companies highlights its intention to build cars and expand the "circle of friends" downstream of the industrial chain.




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