Bosch launches cloud battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Can extend the life of the battery, Bosch launches cloud battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, Bosch has recently announced that the company is developing a technology called BatteryinTheCloud. It is said that the technology can extend the service life of electric vehicle vehicle batteries by 20%. The specific method is that Bosch connects the battery to the Bosch Cloud System, and continuously monitor and analyze the pressure of the battery bearing according to different driving styles and environment.

This information can then be used to predict the remaining operation time of the battery and optimize the charging process. In addition, this technology can use the vehicle screen to supply the driver's use skills to inform them how to save battery power. Dr. Markusheyn, a member of Boschi board, said in a statement: "This type of data -based services means that the company can greatly improve the performance of the battery and improve the service life of the battery."(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Bosch claims that the technique of extended battery life is to reduce the so -called "Stresstriggers", such as: fast charging, "over -dynamic driving style", high, extremely low ambient temperature. Bosch said that in addition to the monitoring of a single battery, its cloud service can also be summarized through the information of the vehicle batteries of the fleet through the Internet of Vehicle. Stress factor.

Taking the external limit temperature as an example, Bosch claims that its cloud system can control the charging time to extend the operation time of the battery. The company said that if it is charged under high temperature or low temperature conditions, the battery may accelerate the aging speed after full charging. However, after cloud surveillance and management can prevent charging battery power to 100%. Therefore, if only part of the power is filled, the battery can be protected to prevent accidental wear.

If the battery is defective, the driver or team operator will notice this, and repairs or replace new batteries in time. Bosch believes that its cloud service will improve the management level of batteries, and its assistance during the charging process is also very good, helping extend the service life of the battery, and then promote the user's acceptance of electric vehicles.

In terms of specific applications, Bosch took the lead in cooperating with Didi Chuxing in my country. At present, Didi's autonomous driving team is conducting pilot services in Xiamen, and Bosch will supply technical support for its battery system.



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