Breakthrough in battery fast charging technology Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Breakthrough in battery fast charging technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

At the centralized charging station in Shenzhen, more and more electric vehicle drivers are using charging stack devices compatible with multiple power levels to charge their vehicles. In addition, with the continuous breakthrough of power lithium battery technology, the energy density and power density of lithium batteries have been improved in parallel, which on the one hand improves the driving range of electric vehicles, and on the other hand makes the replenishment time comparable to that of fuel vehicles. "Quick charge" is possible. In the accelerated iteration of technological innovation, electric vehicle users are gradually saying goodbye to the long-troubled "charging anxiety".(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

"Power Sharing" Charge Stack Approach

The matrix flexible charging stack technology can not only meet the current battery charging needs, but also meet the future "battery upgrade" needs, preventing the repeated dismantling of charging piles

As of the end of last year, my country had 450,000 charging piles of various types, 14 times that of the end of 2014, and the national vehicle-to-pile ratio was about 3.8:1. However, while the construction of the charging network is steadily advancing, there is also a certain degree of structural shortage of supply. The misallocation of resources leads to the coexistence of "difficult charging" and a large number of idle public charging piles. In addition, for a long time, most of the public charging piles for electric vehicles on the market are fixed-power charging piles, and the design of charging piles should consider meeting the current automotive battery standards. 40kW, 60kW, 80kW, 110kW... With the increasing power of newly launched models, the charging piles will face replacement or expansion.

The coexistence of electric vehicles of various powers is already a fait accompli in the electric vehicle stock market. Therefore, in centralized charging stations, how to improve the power compatibility of charging equipment is the key. "In the case of the same charging current, when the voltage is increased to 1000V, if the vehicle with a voltage platform of 350V is still charged, the power utilization rate of the existing technology method is only less than one-third of the original, and the equipment utilization rate is particularly low. "Shenzhen Aotexun Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Chairman Xiao Xia said, "The charging stack technology can not only meet the current charging needs of batteries, but also meet the charging needs of future 'battery upgrades', preventing the repeated dismantling of charging piles. ".

It is reported that the matrix flexible charging stack technology developed by Aotexun integrates all or part of the charging modules of the electric vehicle charging station, and dynamically allocates the charging modules according to the actual charging power required by the electric vehicle through the power distribution unit. That is to say, in the charging station applying the charging stack technology, after the same charging pile power is shared, it can satisfy both the 100kW battery charging and the 300kW battery charging, ensuring that each new energy vehicle can be charged with the maximum power. In Shenzhen, there are currently more than 80 flexible charging stack centralized charging stations invested, constructed and operated by Aotexun.

Li Zhigang, chief engineer of Aotexun power equipment, said that "shared power" is somewhat like "shared bandwidth". "Before there was no charging stack, fixed-power charging equipment was like a fixed-bandwidth network. If the total bandwidth is 100 megabytes, there are 10 Users, the bandwidth of each user is fixed at 10 megabits, so even if many users do not use the broadband, the maximum bandwidth of other users is still 10 megabits; and the charging stack is like a shared bandwidth, which can be dynamically adjusted according to the number of users and the required bandwidth. If There is only one user, then his maximum bandwidth can reach 100 megabytes".

Wei Jian, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Qianhai Aotexun New Energy Service Co., Ltd., introduced that how much power the charging terminal can allocate is determined by the electric vehicle being charged. Aotexun's technical team has designed a huge computing system and established a cloud platform. After collecting the identity information of hundreds of electric vehicles, intelligent management is carried out on the platform. When the charging gun is inserted into the charging port "handshake", all the vehicle information is read out, and intelligently distributed to charge the vehicle.



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