BMW turns old batteries into storage devices -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

BMW turns old batteries into storage devices -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

After the electric car battery is replaced, where does the old battery go? Recently, BMW and Bosch's energy storage solutions project team have collected electric vehicle batteries that have been eliminated, and after accumulating a certain amount, they will be transformed into energy storage devices as backup power for other devices. According to the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE), lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles typically last eight to 10 years. That is, they can still be used in other devices when lithium-ion batteries are not enough to power electric vehicles.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Collecting old electric car batteries BMW turns them into storage devices

BMW and Bosch took a total of 2,600 battery modules from 100 electric vehicles, combined them into a stationary storage system, and sold it to a charging station owned by Vattenfall in Hamburg, Germany, Used as a backup energy source during peak hours.

The storage system is rated at 2 MW and has a storage capacity of 2,800 kWh, enough to power a family of two for seven months.

In the next few years, more and more car manufacturers will turn to the production of electric vehicles, which means that more and more electric vehicle batteries will be produced. If the batteries eliminated by electric vehicles can be recycled for other equipment Continued use is a good cost-saving thing for consumers and manufacturers.



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