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Battery technical problems are difficult to solve! -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to incomplete statistics from reporters, a total of 13 listed companies have invested a total of 43.5 billion in power batteries. Among them, BYD's 15 billion yuan investment in lithium battery expansion projects and the development of pure electric special vehicles is the largest, followed by Wulong Electric Vehicles' 9.3 billion investment in power battery projects.

Jian Liang, an analyst at CCID Consulting's Automotive Industry Research Center, said in an interview with reporters that since new production capacity requires a certain period of time, short-term production capacity is still insufficient. In the future, as the production capacity of power batteries increases, domestic lithium power batteries may reach a balance between supply and demand.

Capacity in short supply

Xiao Han, a new energy industry researcher at CIC Consulting, said that the investment boom in power batteries also reflects to a certain extent consumers' enthusiasm for purchasing new energy vehicles, and the market is in short supply.

"With the increased promotion of new energy vehicles this year, power batteries will enter a stage of tight supply. There will be huge demand in the future and there will be no risk of overcapacity in the short term." Xiao Han pointed out.

It is worth noting that among the 13 listed companies counted by the reporter, there are many non-power battery companies, such as Dongyuan Electric, which is mainly engaged in transmission and distribution electrical products, steel structure products, etc. In April this year, Dongyuan Electric purchased 100% of the equity of Guoxuan High-tech from 9 companies and 43 natural persons for a price of 3.35 billion yuan. The company paid 490 million shares to the counterparty by issuing shares as the transaction consideration.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In addition, there are many auto parts companies that have entered the field of power batteries, such as Sugon Co., Ltd., which specializes in automobiles and parts. In June this year, Sugon Group increased its investment by RMB 617 million to acquire and invest in Yineng Electronics to enter the new energy vehicle power battery market.

Jian Liang analyzed to reporters that the current new production capacity comes from the expansion of existing power battery companies (Lishen, Guoxuan, BYD, etc.), and the transformation of small battery companies and traditional lead-acid companies (Camel, Tianneng, etc.) into power batteries. , some vehicle companies (Lifan, BAIC, etc.) extend to upstream batteries.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the first half of this year, battery manufacturing companies above designated size across the country achieved a cumulative main business income growth of 0.4% year-on-year, and total profits increased by 27.3% year-on-year. Among them, lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies achieved a cumulative main business income growth of 17.4% year-on-year. %, achieving a year-on-year increase of 72.8% in total profit.

Difficult battery technology problems to solve

Although the growth rate of new energy vehicles is accelerating, a survey shows that about 70% of consumers believe that the current level of battery technology is the main obstacle to purchasing new energy vehicles. In fact, the power battery life, endurance, battery safety, and charging efficiency of new energy vehicles have always been the four major concerns for consumers when buying cars.

Xiao Han pointed out that battery technology is the core technology for car companies to develop new energy vehicles, and the influx of capital can promote the progress of my country's battery technology; but if companies only focus on short-term returns on investment and not on technological research, these problems will still be difficult to solve. Solved, the uneven quality of batteries in the industry will still exist. Focusing on core technology research and development and manufacturing high-quality power battery products is the key to solving problems.

The reporter found that in the first half of this year, major companies have increased investment in the power battery field in order to speed up the new energy vehicle market, but more of them are expanding production capacity and investing less in technology research and development.

Jian Liang believes that compared with leading foreign companies, the gap in domestic power battery technology is still large. In addition, domestic R&D is mainly at the level of process improvement. There is less forward-looking and basic R&D, and it is difficult to develop and manufacture high-quality power battery products. Therefore, these problems will still be difficult to solve in the short term.



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