Battery and other technologies restrict mobile -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Battery and other technical factors restrict mobile phones -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Since the birth of the first mobile phone, people have become increasingly dependent on it, especially in the era of Big Brother, which is a symbol of identity. Even the rich are flocking to it. However, when the technology has developed to a certain extent, the mobile phone industry has entered the era of functional machines. At this time, the production cost of mobile phones has decreased a lot, and the size of mobile phones has also been reduced to the size of the palm of the hand, almost everyone has one, and most of their additional functions are used as MP3 players. So at that time, the focus of competition between manufacturers is on the beauty, so at that time, you can see many styles of appearance, such as sliding covers, flip covers, rotating mobile phones, etc.

However, when Android, an open system, runs on mobile phones, it suddenly makes people realize that mobile phones can still play like this! For example, work and study, leisure and entertainment. It is precisely because smart phones integrate many functions into one and combine with the mobile internet to reach a higher level than the function machines, so the function machines are gradually replaced by smart phones. So far, the mobile phone industry has entered the smart era, bringing many convenience to our lives.

As the saying goes, there are gains and losses. Although smart phones make our daily life more convenient to a certain extent, the ever-changing appearance of the era of functional machines has not been continued. At present, most smart phones are in the same straight shape, and the screen size is also getting bigger, but this just meets the viewing needs of some users. In addition to the screen, the internal configuration of the smart machine is also close to the PC, distinguishing CPU, memory, hard disk and other parameters. Of course, this is also the most important step in the transformation of the mobile phone industry. It is precisely because of this change that manufacturers have made a big contribution to the mobile phone configuration. Now, there is a consensus that the mobile terminal is over-configured, so we will focus on the system, experience, endurance and other aspects. Will they be the next change point in the mobile industry? Let's talk about it.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Speaking of systems, everyone who knows about smart phones knows that nowadays mobile phone systems are basically divided into Android and iOS camps (others can be ignored). They account for more than 90% of the mobile phone market. The former is open and the latter is closed. From the current market situation, open systems are not as secure as closed systems, while closed systems are not as diverse as open systems, We should learn from the former in some functions.

If you have been paying attention to the development trend of Android and iOS, you will find interesting things. Because the previous Android system has been plagued by fragmentation and security problems, the Android 5.0 released by Google has adopted a closed mechanism that runs counter to openness in terms of security, which can be said to be closed for security. On the contrary, the iOS system opens the interface on the basis of the original completely closed, allows users to install third-party input methods, and adds a self-meaning program in the pull-down menu, which is somewhat comforting to the fans. If this development is followed, a system that is both Android and iOS may be born in the future. It remains to be seen whether this change will bring about changes in the mobile phone industry.

In terms of experience, iOS can be said to be the most smoothly running system at present. Although Android system has launched Android 5.0 version, it will take time to shake off the previous impression. However, although the iOS system has a good user experience, the operation optimization of large-screen mobile phones is not as good as that of the Android camp, such as smart split screen, one-hand mode, voice operation, etc.

In fact, both Android and iOS at the system level can run smoothly at present, but there is no major breakthrough in the form of mobile phones at present, especially in the past few years, the users of straight panel modeling have been aesthetic fatigue, so innovative designs such as curved screen and flexible screen have appeared on the market, but limited to battery technology, the form of mobile phones has stopped.

At present, the battery technology used in smart phones is still the lithium battery invented by Sony in 1992. After more than ten years of development, fuel power supply, solar charging pool and other technologies have been born, but they have problems such as high cost and low conversion rate. Therefore, the lithium battery is still irreplaceable in terms of current technology. 



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